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Radio Interviews from 104.3 The Fan


  • 1-20-2020
    Mike Pritchard | Dan Jacobs Show | 1.20.20
    Mike Pritchard joined the program and shared why this Super Bowl will be a fun one to watch if you are a former Colorado Buffalo. Pritchard also talked about how the Super Bowl will look like with both teams having a young core. Photo Credit: David Eulitt (Getty Images)

  • 1-20-2020
    DMac | Dan Jacobs Show | 1.20.20
    DMac joined the program and talked about how the Denver Broncos need to address their team as the Kansas City Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl. DMac also talked about the Broncos revolving door of coaching and why the 49er’ s got it right.   Photo Credit: Justin Edmonds (Getty Images)

  • 1-19-2020
    James Merilatt | Dan Jacobs Show | 1.19.20
    James Merilatt joined the show and shared his thoughts on the recent MLB cheating scandals and how using technology to steal signs is worse than the steroid era in baseball. Merilatt also talked about why the Denver Broncos hired Pat Shurmur. Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott (Getty Images)

  • 1-18-2020
    Bernie Keefe | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Bernie Keefe from Fishing with Bernie joins the show to give updates on the Granby area and the boat show. Bernie says there is no absolute and you just can’t figure out the fish.

  • 1-18-2020
    Bryan Posthumus | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Northeast Region Hunting & Angling Outreach Coordinator Bryan Posthumus joins the show to talk spring turkey applications and hunting. Bryan mentions how lifelike decoys can be and why the gobble call isn’t always effective.

  • 1-18-2020
    Mary McCormac | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Statewide Interpretation & Wildlife Viewing Coordinator Mary McCormac joins the show to talk about animal track identification, patterns and winter wildlife viewing.

  • 1-18-2020
    Nate Zelinsky | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Nate Zelinsky with Tightline Outdoors joins the show LIVE from the Ice Addiction tournament at Boyd lake to talk about strategies and the large mouth bass leading the event. Nate gives some updates from around the area and the latest with stocking tiger muskie.

  • 1-18-2020
    Tony Wiersgalla | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Tony Wiersgalla with Blue Quill Angler joins the show to talk about fly fishing updates and what happens when the fish’s metabolism slows down. Tony mentions targeting specific holes that are separate from the main spots anglers are fishing.

  • 1-18-2020
    Brad Petersen | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Brad Petersen joins the show LIVE IN STUDIO to talk waterfowl hunting. Brad says look for winter roosting areas and the bug life to start coming to life.

  • 1-18-2020
    Ronny Castiglioni | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 1.18.20
    Ronny Castiglioni with Fishful Thinker joins the show to talk about fishing updates and the Crowley Marine & Boat Show. Ronny mentions having your presentation land on the dirt and working your way back from there, and why he’s been successful with a Johnny Darter and a blade bait.

  • 1-18-2020
    Brad Lidge | Dan Jacobs Show | 1.18.20
    Former MLB pitcher Brad Lidge joins the show to defend MLB and say this will not bury baseball. Dan asks Brad if this scandal is worse than what Pete Rose did and if we will see permanent bans from the league. Also, Brad explains why 2020 could be a tricky year when it comes to players paying the price.

  • 1-17-2020
    Adam Gotsis | Stokley and Zach | 1.17.20
    Broncos defensive end Adam Gotsis joins the show to discuss his season, what his plans are for free agency and more. Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

  • 1-17-2020
    Troy Renck | The Drive | 01.17.20
    Troy Renck, our Fan Broncos Insider, joins the show to discuss which positions the Broncos should target in the draft and Larry Walker’s jersey retirement. Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson - Getty Images

  • 1-17-2020
    Adrian Dater | The Drive | 01.17.20
    Adrian Dater of, our Fan Avalanche Insider, joins the show to break down the current state of the Avalanche and what areas the team must improve upon as the season continues to unfold. Photo Credit: Michael Martin - Getty Images

  • 1-17-2020
    James Merilatt | The Drive | 01.17.20’s James Merilatt joins the show to discuss what the Broncos must focus most heavily on this offseason. Photo Credit: Dustin Bradford - Getty Images

  • 1-16-2020
    Nicki Jhabvala | The Drive | 01.16.20
    Nicki Jhabvala, our Fan Broncos Insider, joins the show to dig into Pat Shurmur's comments on Drew Lock, Vic Fangio and more. Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

  • 1-15-2020
    Patrick Saunders | Schlereth and Evans | 1.15.20
    Our Rockies insider from the Denver Post, Patrick Saunders talked with Schlereth and Evans about whether or not Nolan Arenado will be traded. Saunders gave some jaw dropping predictions about the Rockies All-Star. Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

  • 1-15-2020
    Joel Klatt | Schlereth and Evans | 1.15.20
    Joel Klatt of FOX Sports talked with Schlereth and Evans about the addition of Pat Shurmur to the Broncos coaching staff. - Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

  • 1-15-2020
    Richard Sherman | The Drive | 01.15.20
    49ers cornerback Richard Sherman joined DMac, Tyler and Nick to discuss his team's impressive season, negotiating his own contract, the culture being established under Kyle Shanahan and more. Photo Credit: Michael Zagaris - Getty Images

  • 1-15-2020
    Randy Gradishar | The Drive | 01.15.20
    DMac, Tyler and Nick talk with Bronco legend Randy Gradishar about his Hall of Fame resume and where his head is at after being left off the ballot once again. Photo Credit: Hyoung Chang - Getty Images

  • 1-15-2020
    James Merilatt | John Davis | 1.15.20
    James Merilatt joins the show to talk about Randy Gradishar playing the game at a high level for years and why it was a shock when Gradishar retired. Merilatt says it’s ironic with Luke Kuechly’s retirement this week and Gradishar deserved hazard pay for the ten great years he had in Denver. James says turnovers will be key with Shurmur and it’s a shame Scangarello won’t be able to reap the rewards of what he was putting together in Denver. Also, James explains why he is skeptical of some narratives surrounding Scangarello on his way out.

  • 1-15-2020
    Matt Moore | The Fan Late Night | 01.15.20
    Our Nuggets insider Matt Moore joined the show to break down the Nuggets’ victory over Charlotte tonight. How will Denver react with the number of injuries they are acquiring? Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images 

  • 1-14-2020
    Derek Wolfe | Stokley and Zach | 1.14.20
    Denver Bronco defensive linemen Derek Wolfe joined the show to discuss his future with the Broncos, if they have spoke to him about coming back, his thoughts on Lock and more. Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

  • 1-14-2020
    Nicki Jhabvala | The Drive | 01.14.20
    DMac, Tyler and Nick talk with Nicki Jhabvala about the firing of Rich Scangarello and subsequent hiring of Pat Shurmur. Photo Credit: Icon Sportswire - Getty Images