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Radio Interviews from 104.3 The Fan


  • 7-11-2020
    JR Pierce | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    JR Pierce with Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about getting ready for hunting season and dove season.

  • 7-11-2020
    Reese Roberts | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    Reese Roberts with JAX Outdoor Gear joins the show to talk about choosing a rifle for beginner hunters.

  • 7-11-2020
    Nate Zelinsky | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    Nate Zelinsky with Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk about big game hunting and an extended rutting season.

  • 7-11-2020
    Chad LaChance | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    Chad LaChance with Fishful Thinker joins the show to address the spearfishing controversy and to give his points about understanding what environment you are in.

  • 7-11-2020
    Ryan Koeneke | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    Ryan Koeneke with Rocky Mountain Spearfishing Association joins the show to address the spearfishing controversy.

  • 7-11-2020
    Travis Duncan | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    Communication Specialist Travis Duncan with Colorado Parks & Wildlife joins the show to talk about new SWA & STL visitor requirements

  • 7-11-2020
    Kirk Deeter | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.11.20
    Editor of Trout Magazine & Editor-at-large with Field & Stream Kirk Deeter joins the show with a fly fishing update on the Yampa and mountain lakes. Kirk talks about the slow twitch with a nymph fly and the advantages of fishing with light gear.

  • 7-10-2020
    Justin Adams | Shawn Drotar | 7.10.20
    Justin Adams joins the show to talk about the Rocky Mountain Showdown being cancelled for the 2020 season and if it was a quick way to handle things. Justin & Shawn decide what schools like BYU will do and what happens with the Bowl schedule with no governing body in the NCAA.

  • 7-10-2020
    James Merilatt | Shawn Drotar | 7.10.20
    James Merilatt joins the show to explain why he is worried about Nikola Jokic coming in to Orlando late and at a new lower weight. Merilatt says Michael Porter Jr. will be the odd-man out when the tournament begins and says he trusts the veterans more in the bubble.

  • 7-10-2020
    Mike Klis | The Drive | 07.10.20
    Mike Klis, our 9News Broncos Insider, joined DMac and Chad Brown to break down Justin Simmons' franchise tag and discusses whether or not the team will get a long-term deal done before the deadline Photo Credit: Dustin Bradford - Getty Images

  • 7-10-2020
    Mike Yam | The Drive | 07.10.20
    Mike Yam, lead analyst for the PAC-12 Network, joined DMac and Chad Brown to provide insight on the PAC-12's announcement regarding conference-only schedules for football this year. Photo Credit: Icon Sportswire - Getty Images

  • 7-10-2020
    Matt Moore | The Drive | 07.10.20
    Matt Moore, our Fan Nuggets Insider, joined DMac and Chad to provide a Nuggets update as they begin preparations in Orlando and tries to make sense of the Nikola Jokic situation.  Photo Credit: Jamie Schwaberow - Getty Images

  • 7-8-2020
    Anthony Robles | Nick & Jerry | 7.8.20
    Wrestler Anthony Robles joins the show to talk about his interesting story and being an NCAA champion despite no college offers. Robles tells the guys how he would get other wrestlers to step into his world and level the playing field despite having only one leg. Also, Robles talks about the pull-up records he?s broken and what?s on the horizon for him.

  • 7-8-2020
    Steve Foster | Nick & Jerry | 7.8.20
    Rockies pitching coach Steve Foster joins the show to talk about the latest with Kyle Freeland and Antonio Senzatela?s bounce back. Nick asks Foster about pitch counts with the shorter season and Foster says it starts with the starting pitchers. Foster says Coors Field is the perfect park to shape a pitcher?s mental toughness and notices some differences in the game with COVID-19 heating up.

  • 7-7-2020
    Soren Petro | Schlereth and Evans | 7.7.20
    Kansas City broadcaster for Sports Radio 810 WHB and friend of the station, Soren Petro joined Mike and Mark. What does he think of Patrick Mahomes' new contract? Photo Credit: Jamie Squire / Staff

  • 7-4-2020
    Chad LaChance | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.4.20
    Chad LaChance with Fishful Thinker joins the show to talk about the spearfishing legislative proposal and northern Colorado reservoir updates. Chad goes over his concerns as an angler including the fear factor when it comes to smallmouth bass.

  • 7-4-2020
    Josh Nehring | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.4.20
    Senior Aquatic Biologist Josh Nehring joins the show to talk about spearfishing in the Southeast region and the proposed regulation change.

  • 7-4-2020
    Nate Zelinsky | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.4.20
    Nate Zelinsky with Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk about big game hunting. Nate puts emphasis on supplies and making sure your bow is dialed in.

  • 7-4-2020
    Bryan Posthumus | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.4.20
    Statewide Hunter Outreach Coordinator Bryan Posthumus joins the show to talk about hunter education and how to get started with big game focus, as well as small game with walk-in access brochures.

  • 7-4-2020
    Eric Gardunio | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.4.20
    Aquatic Biologist Eric Gardunio with Montrose joins the show to talk about angling opportunities and Ridgeway Reservoir smallmouth bass tournament.

  • 7-4-2020
    Bernie Keefe | Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 7.4.20
    Bernie Keefe from Fishing with Bernie joins the show to talk about updates on the Granby area and how to select eating groups of fish.

  • 7-2-2020
    Phil Simms | Nick and Keith | 7.2.20
    Nick Ferguson and Keith Irizarry are joined by Phil Simms to discuss how the absence of fans could affect the game of football. Phil gives his thoughts on Drew Lock. He thinks the national perception of John Elway has improved especially after this offseason.

  • 6-30-2020
    James Merilatt | Nick & Cecil | 6.30.20

  • 6-30-2020
    Jake Plummer | Nick & Cecil | 6.30.20
    Jake Plummer joins the show to talk about the importance of staying away from his throwing arm and players using this time to take advantage of being a leader on social media and the weight room. Plummer decides how long it will take for Drew Lock to expire and says the time will come when Lock has the chance to lead the team back in the final seconds with the entire team counting on him.