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  • Aurora Golf | Win a Free Round of Golf!

    Register below for a chance to win a 4-some of golf at Meadow Hills Golf Course.
  • Teen Talk | Episode 3

    Bullying!  Statistically, 1 in every 3 students have  been bullied.  In this episode of Teen Talk, you will hear real teens discussing the real effects bullying can have on kids today. Get connected.  Find your tribe!
  • The Fan Insider

    Get The Latest Contests, News and Events.
  • Teen Talk | Episode 2

    Life makes a lot of demands on youth today.  In this episode of Teen Talk, we will discuss the pressures teenagers face today and the issues they are confronted with; whether it be academic, athletic, peer or individual pressure.  Get connected.  Find your tribe!
  • 2019 Survey

  • Teen Talk | Stigma – Episode 1

    Teens and the stigma of mental health. We discuss what it is like to be a teenager in modern society. Including bullying and social media.
  • Father Mows Best

    This Father’s Day, we’re going to make sure that one lucky Dad gets the best gift ever. Tell us why your Dad deserves some new tools to help take care of his yard. Share with us what he needs and why does he deserve it? Good luck and Happy Father’s Day! *ALL VIDEOS MUST BE […]
  • A Quick Mental Health Reference Guide For Colorado Families

    Below is a quick list of references if you or someone you know is looking for someone to talk to. Colorado Crisis Services You’ll immediately be put in contact with a trained counselor, ready to text with you about anything. 1-844-493-8255 | Text “TALK” to 38255 Safe To Tell  Safe2Tell was founded on the idea […]
  • Free Foursome Friday

    Thank you for being registered for the Fan’s Sports Daily! Please sign up here for your chance to win a foursome at the Fan’s Free Foursome Friday on Friday, May 24 at Buffalo Run!
  • Mile High Magazine | Special Program for Suicide Awareness and Mental Health in Colorado

    The first half of this program we talk to 3 local area high school students who have all had a suicide at their schools this year. Hear how they have been impacted by the suicides, and what they need from adults. The second half of the show we talked to three mental health professionals. They […]