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JJ Pellini

  • Teen Talk | Episode 20 – COVID 19 Education

     “Relationship building happens at school.  On the playground, in class, with our teachers and with our peers.  We can’t do that now.”  Local High Schoolers discuss the impact that the shifting through COVID has had on them.  How are they connecting with friends?  How are they preparing for college now?  Should teenagers have to […]
  • Teen Talkl | Episode 19 – The Pandemic

    “Confusing and Uncertain.” These are two words that local teenagers used to describe the world they are living in right now.  In this episode of Teen Talk, these and other teens discuss how they have developed coping skills to deal with their current Mental Health.  It’s encouraging, promising and inspiring.  Are you regularly checking in […]
  • Teen Talk | Episode 18 – Courage to Speak Up

     Do you have the courage to speak up?  Local teenagers talk candidly about how to stand up for yourself when discussing racism.  Teen Talk episode #18 is a real conversation about how to be active in the community.  Teen Talk is sponsored by Mountain High Appliance.
  • Teen Talk | Episode 17 – Be Kind to One Another

    Kindness…How do you make people feel happy?  In episode #17 of Teen Talk, local teenagers talk about their pandemic frustrations, finding connections and remind us all to be kind to one another!  Proudly sponsored by Mountain High Appliance.
  • The Fan’s Third Round Challenge with George Karl

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ROUND 1 WINNER AMIR KENDRICK! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ROUND 2 WINNER NICK HERNANDEZ! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ROUND 3 JAMES SMITH! HERE ARE COACH KARL’S PICKS What player will score the most points in the series? Anthony Davis What player will grab the most rebounds in the series? Nikola Jokic What player will dish […]
  • Legends Week 2020 – Clint Hurdle

    The former Rockies manager joined Schlereth and Evans to talk about his time in Colorado, the magical "Rocktober" run in 2007 and more
  • Teen Talk | Episode 16 – High School Students , Coronavirus Part 2

    With summer well under way and teenagers continuing to adjust to “this new normal,” we connected with a some teens to continue the discussion about the Coronavirus Pandemic, what it feels like, and how families are coping.  Get connected.  Find your tribe!  Sponsored by Mountain High Appliance. 
  • The Fan’s Match Challenge

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to Food Bank of the Rockies heading into The Fan Match Challenge, presented by Michelob Ultra at Hiwan Golf Club! You helped raise over 74,000 meals for hungry families here in Colorado! Not only did Schlereth and Evans manage to raise the most meals, they took away bragging rights […]
  • Teen Talk | Episode 15 – High School Seniors Talk Coronavirus

    A parents perspective on what their High School Seniors are going through, how to navigate stress, and how the younger generation compares to their parents high school experience.Get connected.  Find your tribe!  Sponsored by Mountain High Appliance.
  • Support Non-Profits in Colorado During COVID-19

    Here are some non-profits in Colorado that could use your help during the COVID-19 crisis: A Precious Child “A Precious Child is a Colorado nonprofit that empowers children and families in need. Last year alone, they provided opportunities and resources valued at $15 million to more than 57,000 underprivileged children and 7,000 adult caregivers. As […]