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With Garett Bolles under contract, keeping Mike Munchak is key

(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

The Broncos have signed Garett Bolles to a four-year contract extension. This comes after three years of the left tackle struggling and the team choosing not to pick up his fifth year option.

The Broncos are in strange situation. Very rarely does a player struggle like Bolles did for his first three seasons and then show drastic improvement to make a large payday.

What the Broncos need to make sure happens is that Mike Munchak stays in Denver for the duration of Bolles’ career as a Bronco. He’s been vital to the left tackle’s turnaround.

Bolles is an interesting first-round pick. He didn’t play a lot of football growing up and was older as a rookie. He just didn’t have the football knowledge most first-round draft picks have and it showed early in his career.

Munchak has been a huge change for the trajectory of Bolles’ career, providing the first great coaching the left tackle has ever received. The Broncos need to take care of him.

Think of Bolles as Mike Tyson. He’s strong, fast and physically gifted, but he’s raw when it comes to experience.

Munchak is the Cus D’Amato to Bolles’ Tyson. He can be the one to hone his skills, while also keeping him focused and grounded.

Munchak has been so great for Bolles that he rates as one of the top left tackles in the league. The Broncos can’t get comfortable and let Munchak walk.

Look at these two as a package deal.

Bolles has all the talent in the world at left tackle. He’s pound for pound one of the better athletes on this team.

Munchak is the one to keep him calm, and focused on his technique. The physical ability has never been an issue for Bolles; it’s always been mental. Munchak is his mental check, and is now the most important coach on this staff to keep.