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Bradley Chubb is a virtual no-show in Broncos season-opening loss

(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

When Von Miller went down with an injury before the season, it meant Bradley Chubb would need to step up in his place. As the fifth overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, there are already high expectations for the young pass rusher. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found against the Titans, with zero tackles.

It’s pretty well known NFL offenses focus on Miller when they break a huddle. The first player they’ll look for is No. 58. But without Von, Chubb will now be the focal point for offenses to try and stop. He was double teamed most of the night, and struggled to get any sort of rhythm.

Guess what? I don’t care, welcome to having standards Bradley Chubb.

If this defense is going to be successful, Chubb needs to have a big year. The young edge rusher had a promising rookie year with 12.0 sacks, but coming off an injury ending 2019 season, this is his year to prove he is the future of this Broncos defense. With one game in the books in 2020, it’s not a great start.

It’s one thing to have zero sacks, but no tackles at all? Bradley Chubb has a lot to prove this year and starting like he did against the Titans, it’s going to harder to win over Broncos Country.

Now, it’s time to brush week one off and focus on week two against Pittsburgh. Luckily for Chubb, Big Ben is known to hold onto the football, maybe he can start his tenure as the Broncos defensive leader and elite pass rusher.