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A pioneer for student athletes everywhere. The Drive: 07.15.20

CUs Jeremy Bloom celebrates after returning a punt for CUs first touchdown of the game.(Photo by Mark Leffingwell/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images)


DMac and Nate Jackson began the show talking about what it was like for Nate to play with Jay Cutler and Jake Plummer. Is Drew Lock more like Cutler or Plummer? In the water cooler, Nikola Jokic won’t talk about how much he weighs now. DMac thinks he figured out what took Jokic so long to get to Orlando. Brady Quinn joined the show to confirm John Fox’s story that there was a plan for him to play on 3rd downs in the Steeler playoff game. Brady broke down what was going on in that playoff game. Brady also talked about what that 2011 season was like.


In Football at Four, DMac and Nate begin top break down the LA Chargers. The fellas discussed how Chris Harris Jr. was wanting to leave Denver early in the season after his locker room comments. Nate gave his thoughts on Justin Herbert being drafted by the Chargers. Does the rookie QB need to play right away or should he sit the first year? Matt “Money” Smith joined the show to preview the Chargers for this season. Did they let Phillip Rivers go too soon? Troy Renck joined the show to breakdown how the contract negotiations went down with the Broncos and Justin Simmons. Could Denver place the franchise tag on Simmons after next season as well? Denver legend Jeremy Bloom joined the show and talked about how he fought the NCAA about college athletes. Jeremy talked about how hard it was to give up football for his skiing career.


In Broncos Breakdown, DMac and Nate broke down Phillip Lindsay’s performance against the Chargers last season. Nate describe what the difference is between Lindsay and Royce Freeman. Is there an issue with his pass catching ability? DMac asked Nate what he thought of the Madden rankings between Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay.


In the top six, DMac and Nate gave their thoughts on Justin Simmons and the Broncos not getting a deal done. Is Von Miller the 4th best pass rusher in the NFL? DMac doesn’t think Dak Prescott will play for the Cowboys in 2021. The fellas then reacted back to Brady Quinn’s comments on John Fox’s story about him playing on 3rd downs in the Steeler playoff game in 2011. The legendary Jeremy Bloom joined the show.

Photo Credit: MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera – Getty Images