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Looking back on the odd journey that led to the Carmelo Anthony trade

I honestly blocked out most of the Melo era, so listening to this episode of “Mile High Memories” was an interesting trip down memory lane. Sandy Clough, Matt Moore and Benjamin Hochman did an amazing job painting the picture of Carmelo Anthony’s odd legacy with the Denver Nuggets.

The guys covered all angles of Melo. And I do know a few things for certain – Carmelo isn’t a snitch, he doesn’t really play defense and he can’t fight. It’s amazing how much knowledge is in my tiny little brain.

After listening to this, I’m pretty sure Melo would still be a Nugget if he wasn’t consumed by building his lackluster brand. I know a lot of people want to blame Melo’s wife, La La, for him leaving Denver, but I put that all on his shoulders. After listening to this, it seems to have started with LeBron James and “The Decision.”

Wow, it hurts a little to say this, but despite his lack of defense, he was pretty good with the Nuggets. And what would have happened if the Nuggets and Melo stayed in love and never drifted apart? A championship? Maybe. Or maybe not. That’s called riding the fence. I gave you nothing, but pretended to give you so much. Classic blogger move.

Now, as the trade rumors began to swirl, I was producing an award-winning show on 104.3 The Fan. One of the rumored trade partners was the Nets. The owner of the Nets at the time was Mikhail Prokhorov, AKA a rich Russian billionaire. So naturally we needed to have some fun with me poorly attempting to do a Russian accent. We pretended that the rich Russian kept accidentally calling me instead of the Nuggets and leaving voicemails trying to pull off the trade. Anyway, it was awesome and only a few people threatened to beat me up for doing the bit. I wish that was a joke, but it’s not.

After listening to this episode, I don’t think Carmelo Anthony’s jersey deserves to hang in the rafters of Pepsi Center. That being said, after soaking up all the storylines laid out by Sandy, Benjamin and Matt, I don’t have as much hate in heart for Melo, but I still can’t embrace him as a Nuggets legend.

This is a great episode of “Mile High Memories,” but if you despise Melo, I don’t think it’ll make you completely flip your opinions on him. Or maybe it will. I raised my left eyebrow when I wrote that last line, so who really knows what the heck I’m trying to say. I probably should have stopped writing, but I didn’t… until now.


To listen to the Melo episode of “Mile High Memories,” CLICK HERE