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(Graphic by Johnny Hart/104.3 The Fan)
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Cheers/Jeers: McCaffrey, Murphy raise money to fight coronavirus

(Graphic by Johnny Hart/104.3 The Fan)

Among the small silver linings during this coronavirus epidemic have been situations in which those with considerable means have found a way to aid those in need and help heal wounds.

This week, two Denver-area pro athletes — Rockies first baseman Daniel Murphy and Christian McCaffrey, of Valor Christian High School and Carolina Panthers fame — added their name to the long list of helpers during this crisis. And we commend them.

Here’s the best and worst from this week in sports:

CHEERS | Christian McCaffrey

There’s likely no group that deserves to be showered with praise during the coronavirus epidemic than health care workers.

With this in mind, Carolina Panthers star and Denver native Christian McCaffrey created a new initiative called “22 and You” to support “frontline health care heroes” in North and South Carolina.

McCaffrey will not only use his stature to raise much-needed funds for health care workers but will match commitments from partners Lowe’s Home Improvement and Bose.

For more information, head to

JEERS | “SportsCenter Special: College Basketball’s Greatest of All Time”

So, these trying times have spurred on a lot of creativity, specifically in the area of fun, light-hearted brackets on which people can vote.

But, as Winston Churchill once said, “No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

Most of the time, democracy finds the right answer. But in crowning the all-time greatest college basketball player this week, the voters failed.

SportsCenter’s 64-player bracket, which included the elite of elites from both the men’s and women’s game, wrapped up this week with none other than … Michael Jordan? … on top.

MJ, no doubt, is among the greatest to ever shoot a basketball — if not the greatest. But college GOAT, he is not.

In fact, a lot the imaging tied to this bracket featured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who went by the name Lew Alcindor in college, where he was clearly the best of all time.

The three-time champion didn’t even make the finals. Jordan took down Larry Bird for the GOAT honor.

But don’t worry sports fans. We still have faith in you. Just, maybe, steer clear of the brackets for a little while.

CHEERS | Daniel Murphy

Often times the product at the Major League level consumes most of the spotlight while players struggling through the hardships of playing minor league baseball get overlooked.

Add a life-pausing epidemic, and many minor leaguers are headed toward dire straits.

However, several MLB stars — including Rockies first baseman Daniel Murphy — have stepped up to the plate, donating money and raising awareness for organizations who are helping minor league players and their families survive during this crisis.

Murphy and his wife, Tori, specifically donated $100,000 to the More Than Baseball and Our Baseball Life organizations this week.

Said Murphy to’s Thomas Harding:

My wife has been in touch with Our Baseball Life, and they revealed the need for Minor Leaguers and their families. Once we found out More Than Baseball was already working on behalf of Minor Leaguers, we were able to quickly partner with them and donate to those in need.

In these uncertain times, it’s humbling for us to be able to help those who are struggling.