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Quaterback Peyton Manning #16 of the Tennessee Volunteers poses for a portrait in the locker room circa 1995 in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Photo by Doug Devoe/Sporting News via Getty Images)
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Cheers/Jeers: Peyton Manning heads back to school, Opening Day

(Photo by Doug Devoe/Sporting News via Getty Images)

CHEERS | Peyton Manning

How many of you had a future Hall of Famer, a two-time Super Bowl winner and generally one of the most recognizable faces not only in sports but pop culture pull up a seat next to you in class?

Probably a few of you, if you attended the University of Tennessee about a quarter-century ago.

Sure, technically, Peyton Manning didn’t “sit” next to anybody, but he did audit a virtual course full of Volunteers earlier this week.

The campus has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so Manning decided to lift the spirits of a handful of collegians.

Check out the cameo:

JEERS | Opening Day 2020

The Colorado Rockies had been slated to take on the Padres in San Diego on Thursday afternoon to open up the 2020 season. A week from Friday, they were supposed to open up Coors Field for the first time this year.

Pushing back the MLB season is absolutely the right call, but it does come with a tinge of sadness and regret missing Opening Day — at least for now.

Sure, postponing the start of the season doesn’t mean there won’t be an Opening Day. But it’s just such a landmark of the sporting calendar, the ushering of winter into spring.

CHEERS | Virtual reality

My generation — very early Millennial and Gen X — grew up through nearly the full evolution of video games.

We’re the ones who never let our buddies play with Bo Jackson in Techmo Bowl because it was basically a cheat code. Hit stick? Yeah, that was us too.

But how wonderful is the invention of online gaming right about now?

No, we don’t have live, in-person spectator sports, per se, but being cooped up in quarantine has many getting their fix with eSports.

Whether it’s simulating what would have been the rest of the NHL and NBA seasons to real NASCAR drivers competing in virtual races, it’s truly a remarkable and creative way to stay entertained in stressful times.