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Time for Cam? :The Drive: 11.08.19

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 3: Quarterback Brandon Allen #2 of the Denver Broncos hands the football off to running back Phillip Lindsay #30 during the first quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Broncos Stadium at Mile High on November 3, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)


In the first hour of The Drive with Tyler Polumbus and Nick Ferguson opened with a recap of last night’s Thursday Night Football game between the Lost Angeles Chargers and the Oakland Raiders with Polumbus making a bold claim about one of these AFC West teams. On the Countdown, the guys talked about topics ranging from Deion Sanders being a legitimate head coach at the college level, the Colorado Avalanche getting back on track after last night’s blow-out, and the possibility of John Elway bringing in a new veteran quarterback coming to Denver. Wrapping up the first hour of The Drive with Polumbus and Ferguson, they took a look at mock drafts from CBSSports and debated on which position needs to be addressed first.


In the second hour of The Drive with Tyler Polumbus and Nick Ferguson, the guys opened the show discussing with the most interesting NFL games this weekend. Sports Illustrated polled anonymous NFL executives about the half-way point of the season so far and the question “What trend is happening in the NFL that no one is talking about?” and the guys guessed what the trend is. The guys also took a look at the AFC West and what the future of this division could look like and where the Denver Broncos could be in a few years from now. They also talked about the definition of success will be for the Broncos for the second half of the season. With Drew Lock still a question mark, Polumbus and Ferguson discussed when they could see him play a game for the Broncos and the mystery veteran QB that could join the Broncos next year. Wrapping up the second hour previewing their favorite NFL games that intrigue them the most.


In the third hour of The Drive with Tyler Polumbus and Nick Ferguson talked about what is implied with Drew Lock and how the Denver Broncos are handling this situation. They debated on whether the Broncos actions speak louder than their words. Both Polumbus and Ferguson being former players, they spoke personally about how Lock is feeling right now. Wrapping up the third hour of The Drive, the guys played “Would You Rather” with the topics ranging from the 2019 Broncos draft picks and if they’ll haunt John Elway, if Brandon Allen could go on a historic run for the rest of the season, and a scenario where Antonio Brown could join the Broncos.


In the top 6 Shannon Sharpe thinks the Broncos should go after Cam Newton. Would Deion Sanders be a good head coach for Florida St.? The guys react to the latest mock drafts of the Broncos. Our Nuggets insider Matt Moore joined the show to preview tonight’s Nuggets game against the 76ers. The guys took a look around the NFL for the upcoming weekend.


Photo Credit: Justin Edmonds (Getty Images)