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John Elway needs to add as many darts as possible for upcoming drafts

(Photo by Justin Edmonds / Getty Images)

Happy trade deadline day everyone!

By 2:00 p.m. today, multiple players around the NFL will have a new home. And if the Broncos know what’s good for them, they’ll be one of the more aggressive sellers on the market.

Draft picks are a valuable commodity in today’s NFL, so the more you have, the better off you’ll be. Currently, the orange and blue hold seven picks in the first four rounds of the 2020 draft. That’s before the addition of any compensatory picks for players lost in free agencies past.

With some smart moves today, another two or three selections could be added on top of that. That’s exactly what Broncos Country should be hoping and praying for.

Draft picks are like darts. There’s no guarantee with any one dart you’ll hit the bullseye. Frankly, there’s not even a guarantee you’ll hit the board. Some dart throwers are more accurate than others, but any one of them will tell you the same thing: The more darts you have, the better your chances are. That’s just science.

That’s also why it boggles my mind how any fan in their right mind would be against a potential Chris Harris Jr. (who almost certainly won’t be in Denver next season) trade, especially if it meant adding another second- or third-round selection in the offseason.

Listening to Mike Evans and Mark Schlereth on my way into work yesterday, I found myself in lockstep with the guys when they responded to a listener who said, essentially, that the Broncos shouldn’t be worried about draft picks because “Elway will just waste them anyway.” Stink and Evans naturally laughed off the notion as foolishness.

Look, I get it, the track record on draft day hasn’t been great over the last handful of years. There may have been more misses than hits under the current front office regime. With that in mind, based on that one listener’s opinion (one that seems to be shared by a large group of fans in Broncos Country), I guess we should just forfeit our selections and let someone else take young, potentially talented players instead? We’ll just stick with what we’ve got and hope all of a sudden something changes drastically to turn this roster into a contender.

Sure. That’ll work out great.

Sound crazy? Of course it does. If only you could see the text line from 6a-7p or scroll through the Twitter mentions. There’s plenty of those thoughts throughout.

I don’t know about you, but crazy is the last thing I want from the Broncos. I’ve seen more than enough head-scratching moves out of Dove Valley this season. That’s why I’m hoping to see some of the team’s more notable veteran names heading elsewhere this afternoon. Accumulating draft capital is the smart and safe move for a team in need of a ton of talent.

Let’s stock up on darts then aim for the middle of the board in April.