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Solving the “where to draft a QB” debate once and for all

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

For months, the debate has raged between Mike Evans and D-Mac as to the best way for a team to find a quality starting quarterback. On one side of the argument, Evans suggested that drafting one in rounds two through four were the way to go, a plan that D-Mac dubbed the “Khaki Pants Strategy.” On the other side of the debate, D-Mac put for his “Glennon / Trubisky Doctrine,” which promotes taking a quarterback in the first round, so long as it’s not with a pick in the 20s.

Round and round the two have gone, with Evans making his case in the mornings on 104.3 The Fan and D-Mac offering his rebuttal in the afternoons. At times, the back-and-forth has even made its way to Twitter, where both hosts point out examples that support their side of the debate.

On Thursday, a third option was put forth. This time, it was by the other co-host of “Schlereth and Evans,” as Mark Schlereth threw his “Minshew Manifesto” into the mix, suggesting that teams could find a quality young quarterbacks in rounds four through seven.

Who is ultimately correct? Is there any way to settle this ongoing debate?

Well, a look at the numbers provide a clue. Going back to the 2009 NFL Draft, 140 quarterbacks have been selected by the 32 NFL teams. Here’s how they’ve fared in terms of wins and losses, based on



Total QBs Picked Since 2009: 28
Number of QBs with a Winning Record: 12
Percentage of QBs with a Winning Record: 43%

Stars of the Group
Patrick Mahomes (2017 | No. 10) = 17-6
Jared Goff (2016 | No. 1) = 27-17

Flops of the Group
Blake Bortles (2014 | No. 3) = 24-49
Blaine Gabbert (2011 | No. 10) = 13-35



Total QBs Picked Since 2009: 41
Number of QBs with a Winning Record: 8
Percentage of QBs with a Winning Record: 20%

Stars of the Group
Russell Wilson (2012 | No. 75) = 80-37-1
Jimmy Garoppolo (2014 | No. 62) = 13-2

Flops of the Group
DeShone Kizer (2017 | No. 52) = 0-15
Cody Kessler (2016 | No. 93) = 2-10



Total QBs Picked Since 2009: 71
Number of QBs with a Winning Record: 6
Percentage of QBs with a Winning Record: 8%

Stars of the Group
Dak Prescott (2016 | No. 135) = 35-19
Kirk Cousins (2012 | No. 102) = 38-39-2

Flops of the Group
Zach Mettenberger (2014 | No. 178) = 0-10
Curtis Painter (2009 | No. 201) = 0-8


So which strategy is best? Well, based on wins and losses, it looks like D-Mac’s game plan is the soundest approach.