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(Graphic by Johnny Hart/104.3 The Fan)
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Cheers and Jeers: Avs fans show out on opening night

(Graphic by Johnny Hart/104.3 The Fan)

CHEERS | Colorado Avalanche fans

Not a whole lot of the burgundy and blue faithful were able to watch the Avs season opener on Thursday, but boy those who did in person at Pepsi Center brought it.

The crowd was downright raucous, reminiscent of the days of playoff hockey featuring Sakic, Roy and Forsberg.

JEERS | No Avs over the airwaves

Sure, Thursday’s home opener for Colorado constituted just 1.2195 percent of the NHL season. But that number rises pretty quickly after each missed broadcast.

For the first time in quite some time, there’s a real, legitimate buzz about the Avalanche. It’s a shame that, no matter which side of the argument you fall, this TV dispute claims fans as its biggest victim.

CHEERS | Bradley Chubb’s positive outlook

Denver Broncos pass rusher Bradley Chubb is a boss for toughing out what turned out to be a season-ending ACL injury in Sunday’s loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

More impressive, however, is how he’s turning the injury into a positive.

Chubb told the media this week — a press availability he was under no circumstances required to have — that he’s “happy” about suffering the torn knee because he felt “in life, I was getting a little too complacent.”

Get healthy, young man.

JEERS | John Elway’s Teflon job security

On more than one occasion this week — with “The Drive” and “Schlereth and Evans”  — ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter said he doesn’t believe John Elway will be replaced as general manager of the Broncos.

And he’s right, as he nearly always is.

Will the Broncos fire Elway? No, probably not. Does he need to be replaced? In my opinion, no. Not yet, at least.

But no one who has helmed a front office to two (working on three) miserable seasons should have absolute job security.

CHEERS | Rapids playoff hopes are still alive and kicking

Rockies? Nope. Broncos? Nope.

The fall playoff hopes for Denver pro sports rests on the shoulders of the Colorado Rapids, who kept their slim postseason dreams alive Sunday with a 3-0 win over FC Dallas.

Sure, the Rapids need a miracle on Decision Day on Sunday. But after a disastrous start to the season, even being in the conversation is downright remarkable.

JEERS | No “huge splashes” in free agency for the Rockies

Heading into the 2019 season, the Rockies had the highest expectations any roster down at 20th and Blake has had in recent memory, if ever.

With that, the club’s 71-91 campaign stands as one of the most disappointing in franchise history.

The knee-jerk reaction may look like calling for a complete rebuild. Ship off Charlie Blackmon, Nolan Arenado, etc.

Don’t expect anything like that to happen, though.

“When some teams don’t play good over a long period of time, they choose to do a (rebuild), but our goal is to play better and to win,” owner Dick Monfort said in a season-ending press conference on Tuesday. “I also hear — what is the phrase? ‘You have a window of time’ — I think we have a huge window of time.”

No, the Rockies don’t need to rebuild. Yes, they do have a window for a deep playoff run.

But not even entertaining the notion of bolstering the roster this offseason to capitalize on that window is foolish.