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CULVER CITY, CA - JUNE 04: NFL player Von Miller attends Spike TV's Guys Choice 2016 at Sony Pictures Studios on June 4, 2016 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
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Cheers and Jeers: Von Miller wants to take you to homecoming

Cheers | Von Miller: Sack master, Super Bowl MVP and … chaperone?

As someone who — not to brag — once took not one, not two, but three young ladies to homecoming, my school dance cred checks out.

But, having Von Miller take you and seven buddies to homecoming, that’s a life story worthy of more than a passing humble brag — granted not very humble and not really worthy of a brag — in a blog 15-plus years later.

The Denver Broncos pass rusher will hang up his sack master boots to chaperone and provide transportation for one lucky Denver-area teen and seven of his soon-to-be best pals.

High schoolers 16 years and older can enter at

Jeers | NFL officials

Another questionable roughing the passer call reared its ugly head again Thursday night in the Jacksonville Jaguars win over the Tennessee Titans.

New American folk hero and mustachioed superhero Gardner Minshew drew the penalty after a hit by Titans linebacker Kamalei Correa. Per the NFL Officiating official Twitter account, Correa struck Minshew in the chin, thus drawing the flag for helmet-to-helmet contact.

But in a video posted by the account, Correa appears to at best graze Minshew’s head, if not flat out miss it entirely.

This call comes on the heels of NFL officials admitting to Broncos general manager John Elway that they “dead wrong” in penalizing Denver pass rusher Bradley Chubb for the same infraction during the Chicago Bears game-winning drive on Sunday.

As pointed out previously, the NFL deals in billions when talking about revenue. How an organization of that size and stature can errors so simple to correct boggles the mind.

Cheers | College football remaining in the Mile High City

Despite the days of the Denver-based Rocky Mountain Showdown having come and gone, the newly-named Empower Field at Mile High could continue hosting college football tilts beyond this season.

Per the Denver Post, the stadium could still play host to an “array of college football possibilities” moving forward after the CU-CSU rivalry game moves back to campus.

It’s not likely a neutral-site game will be played at Empower Field any time soon, but the prospect of high-profile games — think Air Force and Notre Dame — coming to Denver is exciting.

Jeers | John Elway saying he feels ‘better at 0-2’ than last year at 2-0

In the same talk this week for Denver Startup Week, the Broncos general manager, when asked about his team this season, said: “I feel better at 0-2 this year than I did at 2-0 last year.”

Of course, a new coach and a new shiny quarterback do tend to give the warm and fuzzies about Denver’s future.

But Denver’s postseason hopes are all but lost after having dropped its first two games. Since 2007, when the 0-2 New York Giants became the worst team to ever win a Super Bowl, only 12 teams have started 0-2 and made the postseason — including three in one season (2008).

And a loss in Green Bay this weekend — which isn’t, you know, totally out of the question — would put the Broncos in historically-bad territory.

Since the AFL-NFL merger, only twice has Denver started out with three or more consecutive losses to start a season — 1994 and 1999, when the team went 0-4.

So, yes, Joe Flacco and Vic Fangio do provide some light at the end of the tunnel for the Broncos, but I wouldn’t go around all pumped about the first two games of 2019 compared to 2018.

Cheers | Two incredible female athletes from Colorado

On Thursday, halfway around the world in Kazakhstan, Colorado’s own Adeline Gray broke a United States record with a fifth world wrestling title.

The 28-year-old Denver native, who attended Bear Creek High School, won her fifth Senior World Championships gold medal with a win in the 76-kilogram/167.5-pound category over two-time bronze medalist Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki of Japan.

Also on the other side of the pond, 37-year-old Colorado native Sarah Thomas became the first person to swim across the English Channel four times non-stop this week.

Thomas, who was treated for breast cancer a year ago, dedicated her roughly 130-mile, 54-hour swim to “all the survivors out there.

Simply incredible. Coloradans everywhere should beam with pride.

Jeers | The National Football League

Yes, we already “jeered” the NFL up above for its officiating fiascos. But allowing Antonio Brown to continue playing as a member of its league is heinous enough to warrant more scrutiny.

The saga surrounding the troubled New England Patriots wide receiver — who was accused of sexual assault in a federal lawsuit last week — reportedly sent intimidating text messages to one of his accusers two days after a Sports Illustrated story about Brown published.

By not suspending Brown, the NFL appears as if to tolerate, if not condone, the star wideout’s actions off the field.

And with its reputation already blemished by years of other off-field incidents — Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, et al — this is just another disgusting stain on the league.