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A national media member finally says something good about the Broncos

(Photo by Matthew Eisman / Getty Images)

There has been no shortage of national media members who are down on the Broncos. During the first batch of 2019 predictions, Denver has largely been picked to finish dead last in the AFC West; projected records have been as low as 2-14 or 4-12.

So when someone comes out and has the opposite opinion, it’s interesting. And when the person that is high on the Broncos is a respected figure, it’s downright newsworthy.

That was the case this morning when Tony Romo joined Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio. The CBS color analyst thinks the Broncos are a sleeper pick.

“In the AFC, I think the Denver Broncos have a chance to really shock some people,” Romo said, drawing a “Wow” from Schein.

The former Cowboys quarterback went on to explain that playing in a tough division will make the Broncos battle-hardened come the postseason. With every game being a tough one, they’ll be playing a playoff level earlier than most teams. He compared the AFC West to the NFC East in the 1980s, when the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins went at it within their own division on an annual basis.

Romo is also high on Vic Fangio, calling him “as good of a defensive coordinator as there is.” He’s excited to see what the Broncos new head coach will do with Von Miller in his arsenal.

In addition, Romo is also high on another offseason addition. He thinks Denver has finally solved a big question.

“They went out and got the one quarterback that a lot of teams should’ve gotten in Joe Flacco,” the CBS star added.

It makes for a simple formula for success in 2019.

“They have leadership on offense, a great defensive coordinator and a great defensive player,” Romo concluded. “If they can keep Flacco upright, they’re going to be a tough team, especially if you have to go to Denver.”

That’s all music to the ears of everyone in Broncos Country. After months of hearing how ugly this season was going to be, it’s nice to hear some positivity for a change. And to hear it from a guy who has made his mark in the media world for being able to see things that others are missing, usually in his uncanny ability to predict plays ahead of time, it’s even more encouraging.