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(Graphic by Johnny Hart/104.3 The Fan)
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Cheers and Jeers: Vic Fangio is a beast, the Hall makes a gaff and the Rockies stand pat

(Graphic by Johnny Hart/104.3 The Fan)

Football is finally back. And, yes, most of this week’s “Cheers and Jeers” reside with the Denver Broncos.

But we didn’t forget the Colorado Rockies, who made about as much noise at the MLB trade deadline as a silent movie.

Here is the best, and worst, of the sports world this week:

Cheers | Vic Fangio 

Imagine after four decades as a professional football coach you finally got to make your head coaching debut. Now, imagine you got to do that on the biggest stage of the preseason, the Hall of Fame game, wherein all hungry football-consuming eyes focused upon you and your team.

And not only do you win your debut, but you do it just hours after being hospitalized to treat a kidney stone.

Coach Fangio, you’re old school.

Jeers | Pro Football Hall of Fame 

Everybody makes mistakes. We are all human and are deserving of mercy from time to time.

But, come on. If you’re the Pro Football Hall of Fame with a weekend of festivities dedicated to a class of exceptional athletes and football minds, you really need to not overlook the small details like Champ Bailey not having played in Super Bowl 50.

In Bailey’s Hall of Fame locker sits a Super Bowl 50 commemorative football. Only thing, Bailey retired midway through the 2014 season, more than a year before the Broncos secured its third world championship.

No doubt Bailey is deserving of a Super Bowl ring, but this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Cheers | Khalifani Muhammad 

Yes, it’s just one game, but the young running back certainly made it hard on the Denver Broncos coaching staff in terms of who to keep on the 53-man roster at the running back position.

Muhammad had the longest gain of the Hall of Fame Game (31 yards), the first touchdown of the NFL season and not only the most rushing yards (50) in the game for Denver but also the most receiving (24 yards).

Jeers | Rockies front office

It’s been a disappointing year for the Colorado Rockies. That much is not in doubt.

Heading into the month of August, the club’s 7.5 games in the wild card chase, hopes of their first National League West crown far in their rear-view mirror.

But being sellers at the MLB trade deadline doesn’t have to mean a team’s rebuilding, just being realistic about its chances.

Yet, Colorado essentially stood pat, making only minor moves while trade assets like Charlie Blackmon, Wade Davis, Daniel Murphy and Ian Desmond remain on the roster.