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A collection of Broncos training camp hot takes on HOF eve

(Photo by Joe Amon / MediaNews Group / The Denver Post via Getty Images)

With the Broncos season about to officially commence, it’s time to highlight the latest thoughts about the team. Here’s a batch of hot takes, on the eve of the Hall of Fame Game:

• Vic Fangio’s treatment of Von Miller has been fascinating. From day one, Coach Sweatpants has refused to shower Von with platitudes, instead insisting that the Broncos elite pass rusher has been good the last couple of years, but nothing special. Fangio admitting Von was capable of more and even just a couple of days ago saying Von has made mistakes like everyone else. Wow! Lumping your best player in with the masses! It’s kind of cool, honestly. Many of the best coaches became the best because they weren’t afraid to take their best players to task. If Bill Belichick or Gregg Popovich can berate Tom Brady and Tim Duncan, then every other player knows it damn well can happen to them.

• And you know what that creates? A culture! Of course, give credit to Von for letting it happen. Something tells me if Miller was genuinely ticked off about this, then Fangio would change his tune. But he hasn’t. A certain amount of “I don’t give a bleep” from the Broncos coach is kind of refreshing.

• Count me in on the pursuit of Theo Riddick. While everyone is worried about the state of the wide receivers, don’t forget there are other ways to create a dynamic offense. One is to target multiple tight ends. The other is to have a stable of running backs that can be used in a variety of ways. Look no further than the Patriots who won the Super Bowl last year, to the Eagles who won the year before, to the Falcons who should’ve won it all the year before that. Those teams all featured multiple backs who were used in a myriad of roles.

• So give me Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman and Riddick. Spread them out wide. Line them up in the slot. Put two of them in the backfield. Be creative. Be like Josh McDaniels. (Too soon?)

• This is why Rich Scangarello is here. He’s not here to run the old Gary Kubiak offense. He’s here to run the Sean McVay, Kyle Shanahan, Kubiak style offense on steroids. He’s supposed to be creative. He’s supposed to provide modern looks and options to an offense that Kubiak and Mike Shanahan probably never dreamed about. That means breaking the boundaries of what receivers, tight ends and, yes, running backs are supposed to do.

• Fangio says Garett Bolles has had a tremendous camp. He’s the heavyweight champ at left tackle. He needs to be knocked out to lose the belt and no one is coming close. Be still my fluttering cow valve.

• I’m not panicking about Connor Knoblauch’s shotgun snaps-yet. Do it once against the Raiders on Sept. 9, however, and I’ll freak out.

• Brandon Stokley has been the breakout media star at camp. Asking questions. Taking notes. It helps that Fangio loves him. I swear Stokley looks like he’s about ready to give Fangio an apple before every press conference.

• Saw Joel Dreessen at camp the other day. What a great, great guy and a heck of a tight end. Looks like he could step in and play right now.

• I genuinely feel bad for Jake Butt. This isn’t going to end well.

• I’m always amazed at the amount of vitriol that Broncos fans have for Devontae Booker. I get he can be frustrating, but how is it that after almost three full seasons of bad offensive football, it’s Booker of all people that has earned the fans’ wrath the most?

• Drew Lock looks like Jay Cutler. In body type and throwing motion. That’s all. I don’t suspect we’ll see any “Smoking Drew Lock” websites popping up. Or photos of Lock’s taut heinie.


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