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Order seems to have been restored in Broncos Country

(Photo by AAron Ontiveroz / MediaNews Group / The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio wears a long-sleeve sweatshirt in 95-degree heat like a duck wears water on his back. It’s part of his skin and he admits it helps hide a bit of a bulge.

He doesn’t play music at practice because, well, music isn’t played during the game – at least not when the ball is in play. When it comes to practicing with noise, he will bring da NOISE! Besides, how are you suppose to coach a guy standing two feet from you if you have to scream over music.

We DID learn, IF it HAS to be music, Don Fangio would prefer Earth, Wind and Fire – (Sorry Sinatra).

Derek Wolfe says there haven’t been any camp fights yet and he’s usually involved in two or three a day by this point. Things are more settled and, according to Wolfe, there is much better team chemistry than last year. “The Fangio Way” seems to have calmed a dysfunctional team.

Everything with ex-coach Vance Joseph seemed to be catering from the start. He didn’t have the confidence of the players, AND he didn’t have their respect. In addition, nothing seemed to make a whole lot of sense.

It wasn’t ALL his fault. He didn’t dump a drafted punter for the kooky Marquette King (I’m being kind with kooky). He didn’t select Paxton Lynch as a first-round quarterback and Case Keesum as his starting QB. But, he did encourage the Broncos to bring in Pac Man Jones. He did sign off on Joe Woods as a defensive coordinator. He created confusion with Demaryius THomas during trade time and a year before created chaos with T.J. Ward, losing Aqib Talib as a confidant.

Let’s face it – things were a mess.

John Elway got lucky. Elway was allowed a major-league “do over.”He earned that right through his lengthy career with the Broncos and previous success in winning a championship. He hired a dud and it stung.

Pat Bowlen / Joe Ellis hired a turd in “Hurricane” Josh McDaniels and the Broncos paid the price. From that pile of garbage, a Texas Rose bloomed in the form of Von Miller. We can only hope Bradley Chubb shares that shine.

With John Fox, you not only got a seasoned head coach and defensive expert, but you got somebody with the most important characteristic – respect. Vic Fangio shares that trait.

But nothing means nothing if you don’t win. And Joe Flacco isn’t Peyton Manning.

But, you know what? Flacco may just be good enough. There is a reassuring boringness is this sparsely attended camp that could lead to surprising days for the rest of the NFL.

Get ready world – Fangio is coming. Like your grandfather trying to figure out the remote, but then downloading Netflix on his iPhone.