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Take a trip down the Bol Bol highlight reel rabbit hole

(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

During last night’s NBA Draft, one of the biggest stories to emerge was the free-fall down the board endured by Bol Bol. Prior to his freshman season at Oregon, many considered the son of former NBA player Manute Bol to be a lottery pick. Even as recently as this week, the 7-foot-2 big man was projected to be picked in the top 20. And everyone considered him a sure-fire first-round selection.

Everyone except NBA general managers. Once the draft got underway, team after team passed on the center, leaving him to sweat out the wait and muster a brave face on national TV. It was painful to watch.

Apparently, teams were scared off by the stress fracture in his foot that sidelined Bol for all but nine games during his college career is cause for concern. It’s not just in Portland where names like Bill Walton, Sam Bowie and Greg Oden send chills down the spines of GMs.

Mercifully, it all came to an end midway through the second round when the Miami Heat picked Bol at No. 44. But instead of taking his talents to South Beach, the talented big man will be heading to the Mile High City, as he was traded to the Nuggets shortly after being selected.

So what should fans in Denver expect from the latest low-risk, high-reward project from Tim Connelly and Company? Spending some time on YouTube provides a fascinating looking at Bol’s abilities.



In this clip, Bol joins host Omar Raja to talk about some of his best plays. It’s a great collection of clips, while also providing an interesting glimpse into the center’s funny, engaging personality.



This collection of clips from Bol’s nine games at Oregon are fascinating. He dunks and blocks shots. He drives to the basket and shoots threes. It’s an impressive all-around talent.



Bol working out in front of NBA general managers provides a great look at his outside shooting ability. He certainly doesn’t look like a 7-foot-2 center when knocking down jumper after jumper.



In this video, highlights from games at all levels are broken down, with slow motion and isolation graphics, to really see Bol’s skills. He really dazzles in these clips.