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Drama on Day One! The Drive: 5/13/19

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)


In the first hour, D-Mac and Tom react to the Nuggets’ disappointing Game 7 loss against the Trail Blazers last night. How much blame does Michael Malone deserve for the team’s gradual collapse in the second half? What should the team’s next move be to build on this season’s disappointing finish? The guys react to Vic Fangio’s comments from Day 1 of OTAs at UC Health Training Center today. D-Mac says the difference between Flacco and the rest of the QB room is significant, but the difference between the three backup players is much closer than people think. The guys break down Flacco’s comments on being a mentor to Drew Lock this year.


In the second hour, D-Mac and Tom discuss whether or not Joe Flacco should be responsible for mentoring Drew Lock this season. Considering the team’s objective is clearly to win now, why should the starting quarterback have to worry about if the backup players can keep up with him? Tom says Von Miller has a unique perspective on the Chris Harris Jr. situation because of what he went through with his own contract negotiations. Should Broncos Country be concerned about the fact that Von Miller referred to Chris Harris and his team accomplishments in the past tense? D-Mac says the lineups the Broncos put on the field with the absence of Ja’Wuan James was interesting. Tom says Michael Malone made a fatal coaching error in the second half of Sunday’s loss against the Trail Blazers. The guys compare and contrast the Toronto and Philadelphia radio calls of Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer beater last night. D-Mac says the comments from Vic Fangio and Joe Flacco on Day 1 of OTAs say a lot about what the dynamic within the Broncos’ quarterback room will look like this year. D-Mac relays breaking news from Ian Rapoport regarding a Bronco player injured in today’s practice.


In the third hour, D-Mac and Tom discuss who the Broncos should start in the event Joe Flacco gets injured at different points throughout the upcoming season. D-Mac says the Broncos need to be careful with how they handle Drew Lock’s development, if they want him to be their quarterback of the future. D-Mac asks Tom whether or not he believes Von and Bradley Chubb can each hit the 20 sack mark this year. Tom says one of the Broncos’ late round picks could be a huge contributor for the Broncos defense. The guys discuss what they expect next from the ongoing saga between Chris Harris Jr. and John Elway.


Photo Credit: Justin Edmonds – Getty Images