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Hardly Perfect: The Drive 3/20/19

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 25: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders #10 of the Denver Broncos dives for a ball on what would have been a long completion and first down against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the second quarter of a game at Broncos Stadium at Mile High on November 25, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Wednesday March 20th, 2019

The Drive with DMac & Zach Bye LIVE IN STUDIO!!!



The guys talk about DMac’s conversation with Emmanuel Sanders on twitter, and DMac explains how his relationship with Emmanuel has progressed. DMac says he’s been kind to Emmanuel, and Zach says Emmanuel was going to negotiate for a payday. Zach notices DMac’s renewed spirit, and DMac is excited to get Emmanuel into the studio.

DMac says there is no way the Broncos draft Drew Lock or Dwayne Haskins, even if they are there. Zach says with John Elway, you just don’t know. DMac puts together his own little mock draft, and previews some players he’s keeping his eye on.

Zach says the show with DMac & Emmanuel Sanders should be pay-per-view, and DMac takes a look at T.J. Hockenson. Zach explains the problem was Denver didn’t expect to be bad.



DMac breaks the news that he & Emmanuel Sanders are going to do radio together tomorrow on The Fan, and Zach asks DMac what the worst thing Emmanuel ever said to him was. Zach is upset we will never get a chance to see Chad Kelly, and the guys talk about Kelly at his lowest moment after being arrested.

DMac & Zach discuss the team looking out for each other, and why the Broncos dropped the ball when they let Chad Kelly go get in trouble following the Halloween party. Zach mentions Von Miller is now such a big star that he has his own cartoon.

DMac says everyone is in a different frame of mind as the guys preview the segment with Emmanuel Sanders tomorrow on The Fan.



Zach wants to know what loyalty Emmanuel Sanders has to the Broncos, and DMac feels like the Broncos are throwing up a smokescreen with the Dwayne Haskins news. DMac wants to get a dynamic offensive playmaker in the first round of the draft, and Zach says the team feels good about DaeSean Hamilton.

Zach is hopeful about the Broncos draft picks stepping up into larger roles this year, and DMac takes a call on T.J. Hockenson.


(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)