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Analyzing the Broncos quarterback situation next season: Sandy Clough

Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Sandy Clough – 02/08/2017 – Sandy Clough live in studio. Wednesday’s show Sandy Clough talks about the Broncos off-season plans, how the Broncos can learn from both teams in the Super Bowl and more on Super Bowl 51. Former Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus, Chris Landry from and Our Fan Broncos Insider Cecil Lammey all joined the show.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Sandy Clough talks about Super Bowl 51 some more and looks at how both the Falcons and Patriots defense performed. Sandy Clough compares those defenses to the Broncos last season in Super Bowl 50 and also looks at historic comparisons with other Super Bowl defenses. Sandy Clough then jumps into the Broncos prospects for 2017 and where they go at starting quarterback. Sandy Clough weighs in on some of what Broncos GM John Elway had to say yesterday on with The Drive. Sandy Clough reacts to some of what Elway had to say on the Broncos starting quarterback next season and the team trying to get better this off-season.

Former Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus joined Sandy Clough. Tyler talks about Super Bowl 51 and what it was like for him sitting in the stadium. Tyler then breaks down what he thought of the Falcons play calling down the stretch and if they should have down something differently. Tyler finishes the conversation by breaking down the Broncos off-season plans at quarterback and more! Listen to the full interview here!

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Chris Landry from joined Sandy Clough. Chris talks about Super Bowl 51 this past weekend as the Patriots were able to mount a comeback to beat the Falcons. Chris goes into what he saw from the Falcons early compared to what he saw late from the team in the second half. Chris also discusses the Falcons play calling and how that impacted the Falcons falling late in overtime. Chris weighs in on that and more relating to Super Bowl 51. Chris then discusses the NFL’s off-season schedule and how quick of a turn around it is every season for NFL franchises. Finally Chris Landry weighs in on the Patriots front office moves every season. Listen to the full interview here!

For the rest of the hour Sandy Clough reacts to Chris Landry and talks about credit that needs to be given to the Patriots after they won yet another Super Bowl. Sandy Clough weighs in on that and more! Also, Cecil Lammey joins Sandy Clough for a few minutes to break down the latest news and notes from around the NFL!