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Renck: Sanchez leads slightly in Broncos QB race, games will be telling

As the Denver Broncos first preseason game against the Chicago Bears approaches next week, it appears none of the three quarterbacks vying for the starting job –– Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch –– have seemed to separate themselves from the pack.

But, all players being equal Mark Sanchez’s experience give him a slight edge on the job, Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck told “Schlereth and Evans” Friday morning.

“Sanchez is a slight frontrunner, but the fact that he has not separated himself to this point means it’s still a race,” Renck said. “Gary Kubiak doesn’t play head games with this stuff. IF he thought Sanchez was clearly better than Siemian, Sanchez would be the starter right now. So there hasn’t been separation.”

The three-way race could extend to, and perhaps beyond, the first preseason tilt Thursday because the logical next step it to see if game action can create some separation, Renck said.

“They need to kind of get to another step in this because no one is separating themselves, so the game is the obvious next stage to see … how is it going to translate against an opponent. Who is going to be able to calm down and make plays and not turn the ball over?” Renck said.

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