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  • Mark Kite: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Mark Kite of SUN Power Sports joins the show to tell Terry & the listeners about all the great deals going on at SUN Power Sports right now, including Can-ams. Mark says there are really good rebates available right now with the model-year change from ’17s to ’18s. Mark talks about the new side-by-side the […]
  • Paul Wolf: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Paul Wolf joins the show to talk about Over-The-Counter & Leftover Licenses. Terry asks Paul about the good hunting opportunities & if we are past the draw for moose hunting season. Terry mentions the endless big game variety & the balance of the habitat, and Paul says deer elk & prong-horn are typically available when […]
  • Trina Romero: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Trina Romero joins the show to give Terry & the listeners an introduction to the moose on the Mesa. Trina mentions what to do with moose on the road & gives the listeners some tips for safe viewing. Trina & Terry agree bringing your dog is not a smart idea because moose can mistake them […]
  • James Paredes: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    James Paredes joins the show to tell Terry about the rentals that are being booked up, and those that are available later in the season. James mentions that RVs are for year-round activities & they currently stock everything in 2017s. Also, Terry agrees with James that there is not a better time to buy than […]
  • Ronny Castiglioni: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Ronny Castiglioni joins the show to talk with Terry about casting angles & offers up some tips on changing your angle slightly to get maximum value out of every cast. Ronny mentions keys to getting the fish to bite & how to approach fish sitting under various structures. Also, Ronny mentions the importance of current, […]
  • Bernie Keefe: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Bernie Keefe joins the show to give an update on the Granby area, and tell the listeners what vertical jigs & rigs have been working recently for him, such as the Havoc-Tube. Bernie says Granby is one of those lakes that fishes well all year long, and an angler must understand the fish are in […]
  • Nate Zelinsky: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Nate Zelinsky of Tightline Outdoors joins the show to say that the top-water pike bite taking off is the first sign of fall for him, and signals to start preparing for hunting season. Nate says now is the time to build your education for your big-game hunt, and not to affect your hunt’s daily patterns. […]
  • TACKLE TALK: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    In this week’s edition of Tackle Talk, Terry highlights the Berkley XL fishing line. Terry mentions the importance of a line to your fishing success, and says he uses a lot of superline. Terry talks about monofilament if an angler is choosing to only use one line, and says seeing your line is important for […]
  • TACKLE TALK: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/15/17

    In this week’s edition of TACKLE TALK, Terry talks about how affordable the Pflueger President Spinning Reel is, and asks Bob Milner what his favorite feature of the reel is. Bob mentions the price of the reel, and says it gets the same job done as reels 3x more expensive do. Bob says his favorite […]
  • Cory Kraft: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/15/17

    Cory Kraft joins the show to talk about Colorado Clays & getting ready for Outdoor Buddies & dove season. Terry mentions the importance of practice, and Cory highlights wobble trap, talking about the bigger target angle & timing, with dove season coming up in September. Terry says shotgun shooting is a perishable skill, and Cory mentions […]