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Parker Hillis
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Radio Interviews from 104.3 The Fan


  • 4-21-2019
    Earl Boykins: Orlando & John 4/21/19
    Earl Boykins joins the show to say the Denver Nuggets finally played like they were the younger team against the San Antonio Spurs. Earl says Jamal Murray thrives under pressure & Malik Beasley brings energy off the bench that the Nuggets’ starters don’t have. Earl thinks Game 5 is pivotal, and Orlando asks what’s next for DeMar DeRozan.

  • 4-20-2019
    Jim Bones Makay: In The Fairway 4/20/19
    Jim 'Bones' Makay joins the show to talk about Tiger's performance at The Masters and what's next for the sport of golf.

  • 4-20-2019
    Kent Schnacke: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Kent Schnacke, Citizen Science Technician - Boulder-Denver City Nature Challenge - documenting biodiversity in our cities and parks

  • 4-20-2019
    Robb Carter: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Robb Carter, Marina Manager at Navajo State Park: Camping, recreation. boating and fishing at Navajo

  • 4-20-2019
    Brad Petersen: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Brad Petersen on Crowley Marine Open House May 4th and fishing updates.

  • 4-20-2019
    Nate Zelinsky: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Nate Zelinsky with Tightline Outdoors - Condition updates with a focus on walleyes & pike bite.

  • 4-20-2019
    Eric Alee: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Eric Alee with Mile High Fishing Magazine joins the show to talk about what to expect from the new online magazine, and where you can go to find your favorite fishing information from fellow anglers & experts in the fishing community.

  • 4-20-2019
    Cory Kraft: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Cory Kraft with Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about upcoming events and concealed carry.

  • 4-20-2019
    Chris Steinbeck: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 4/20/19
    Chris Steinbeck with Blue Quill Angler joins the show to talk about the open house customer appreciation on May 4th.

  • 4-19-2019
    Earl Boykins: Schlereth and Evans 4/19/19
    Earl Boykins joins Cecil and Troy to talk the Nuggets Game 3 loss to the Spurs. Earl is not surprised the Spurs have been outplaying the Nuggets. Boykins shares how the Nuggets can rebound and win the series against San Antonio

  • 4-19-2019
    Nicki Jhabvala: Pritchard and Cecil 4/19/19
    Our Broncos insider, Nicki Jhabvala joined the program. What has she seen so far from Joe Flacco and this new coaching staff?    Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman / Staff

  • 4-19-2019
    Earl Boykins: Stokley & Zach 4-19-19
    Former Denver Nugget and NBA point guard Earl Boykins joined the show to react to the Nuggets loss last night, what adjustments should be made and if the Nuggets still have a chance to win this series. Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

  • 4-19-2019
    Greg Carvel - UMass Head Hockey Coach: The Drive 4/19/19
    Greg Carvel, UMass Head Hockey Coach, joins the program to talk about his experience coaching Cale Makar, what he thinks of Makar as a player and what Avalanche fans can expect from their newest Defenseman moving forward.   PHOTO CREDIT: Matthew Stockman 

  • 4-19-2019
    Pedro Gomez: The Drive 4/19/19
    ESPN’s Pedro Gomez closes out the hour providing the latest on the Colorado Rockies, who are in the middle of a winning streak and appear to have left their hitting struggles in the rear view.   PHOTO CREDIT: Matthew Stockman - Getty Images

  • 4-19-2019
    E.J. Hradek: Sandy Clough 4/19/19
    E.J. Hradek of the NHL Network joined the show to give his thoughts on the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far. Sandy asked how both number one seeds could get upset in the first round. Hradek the talked with Sandy about Cale Makar and how he seems to fit right in with this Avalanche team. Sandy asked E.J. to give his Stanley Cup favorite. Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images 

  • 4-18-2019
    Nicki Jhabvala: The Drive: 4/18/19
    Nicki Jhabvala, Fan Broncos Insider and writer for The Athletic, joined the program to break down what she saw from the third day of Voluntary Mini Camp at Dove Valley today. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Edmonds - Getty Images

  • 4-18-2019
    Earl Boykins: The Drive 4/18/19
    Fan Nuggets Insider Earl Boykins joins the program to assess the Denver Nuggets as they prepare to head back to San Antonio for Game 3 of their series with the Spurs. PHOTO CREDIT: Matthew Stockman - Getty Images

  • 4-17-2019
    Earl Boykins: Schlereth and Evans 4/17/19
    Earl Boykins joins Stink and Cecil to talk the Nuggets strong 4th quarter in game 2 against the Spurs. He looks forward to Game 3 and expects the Nuggets to follow up their strong showing in Game 2.   Photo credit: Matthew Stockman

  • 4-17-2019
    Pedro Gomez: Stokley & Zach 4-17-19
    ESPN's Pedro Gomez joins the show to discuss the Rockies current win-streak, if it will help right the ship and more. Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

  • 4-17-2019
    Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 4/17/19
    Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post joined Sandy to talk about the Rockies remaining in last place despite their three game winning streak. Patrick explained why Charlie Blackmon needs to heat up on offense. The guys discuss how Kyle Freeland will bounce back from his early struggles. Photo Credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images      

  • 4-16-2019
    Pedro Gomez: Schlereth and Evans 4/16/19
    ESPN Baseball insider Pedro Gomez joins Schlereth and Evans to talk the Rockies success against the Giants. Pedro likes how Bud Black has handled the first few weeks of the season. Stink thinks Antonio Senzatela needs to continue to pitch well and Pedro agrees.   Photo Credit: Jason O. Watson

  • 4-16-2019
    Frank DeAngelis and Terry Frei: Sandy Clough 4/16/19
    With Saturday being the 20th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, Sandy was joined by Frank DeAngelis and Terry Frei who wrote the book “They Call Me Mr. De: The Story of Columbine's Heart, Resilience, and Recovery.” Frank told stories about that horrific day and how he’s been recovering since 1999. Frank also gave his thoughts on how we can prevent more school shootings. Photo Credit: Theo Stroomer/Getty Images 

  • 4-15-2019
    Brandon McManus: The Drive 4/15/19
    Broncos’ kicker Brandon McManus, who caddied for Zach Johnson at the Par 3 Tournament during the Masters, joined the program to share his experience at the tournament. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Edmonds 

  • 4-15-2019
    Arnie Stapleton: Sandy Clough 4/15/19
    Arnie Stapleton of the AP joined the show to give his thoughts on the Nuggets loss to the Spurs. Arnie said that the Nuggets have the better team, but the Spurs have Greg Popovich who is a season playoff head coach. Arnie discussed how the Nuggets missed a number of wide open shots. Arnie also mentioned the Nikola Jokic has to take over in these kind of games. Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images