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Radio Interviews from 104.3 The Fan


  • 5-25-2019
    Corrine Servis: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/25/19
    Training Officer with Law Enforcement and Public Safety Corrine Servis joins the show to talk about CPW recruitment and hiring.

  • 5-25-2019
    Cody Wigner: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/25/19
    Assistant Area Wildlife Manager Cody Wigner joins the show to talk about Area 14 and Colorado Springs Get Outdoors Day.

  • 5-25-2019
    Nate Zelinsky: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/25/19
    Nate Zelinsky with Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk about the fishing league events and trout & fly fishing.

  • 5-25-2019
    Chris Wood: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/25/19
    CEO of Trout Unlimited joins the show to talk about fishing with veterans.

  • 5-25-2019
    Kirk Deeter & Tim Romano: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/25/19
    Kirk Deeter is joined LIVE IN STUDIO by Tim Romano from Angling Trade Magazine to talk about teaching kids to fish & when to let them operate the oars. Tim talks about outdoor photography, fishing and floating down the river.

  • 5-24-2019
    Nicki Jhabvala: The Safety Blitz with Nick Ferguson 5/24/19
    Our Broncos insider from The Athletic, Nicki Jhabvala joined the program. What has she seen so far from Broncos OTAs? Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood / Staff

  • 5-24-2019
    Patrick Saunders: Stokley & Zach 5-24-19
    Denver Post Rockies insider Patrick Saunders joined the show to discuss if the Rockies can get back to .500 with this upcoming series and more. Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

  • 5-24-2019
    Pedro Gomez: The Drive
    ESPN’s Pedro Gomez joined DMac and Tom to break down the current state of the Colorado Rockies ahead of their game against the Baltimore Orioles. Photo Credit: Justin K. Allen - Getty Images

  • 5-23-2019
    Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 5/23/19
    Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post joined the show to breakdown today’s Rockies loss against the Pirates. Sandy asked how the Rockies are going to overcome their struggles to make a playoff push. Patrick talked about what Bud Black should do with Brendan Rodgers and Ryan McMahon at 2nd base. Photo Credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images 

  • 5-22-2019
    Terrell Davis with Schlereth and Evans
    Terrell Davis sat in studio. TD talked about Phillip Lindsay asking to use his old number. Shared the story of when he rushed for 2,000 yards, and how Schlereth should have been called for holding when he reached the mark. How NFL offenses have changed, and could he succeed in today’s offense. Terrell talked about the moment when he realized that he was going to be great in the NFL. He also spoke about how life has changed since becoming a Hall of Famer. - Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

  • 5-22-2019
    Pedro Gomez: Stokley & Zach 5-22-19
    ESPN's Pedro Gomez joins the show to discuss the Rockies latest wins and what they must do to keep it going. Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

  • 5-21-2019
    James Merilatt: The Drive’s James Merilatt joined D-Mac and Tom to discuss the five Broncos he believes should be in the Ring of Fame. Photo Credit: Brian Bahr - Getty Images

  • 5-21-2019
    Cecil Lammey: Schlereth and Evans
    Cecil Lammey talked about the start of week two of Denver Broncos OTAs. Kevin Hogan was running the #2 offense, while Drew Lock ran the #3 offense. How much should people read into that? Is the defense looking any different under Fangio? How much is the absence of Chris Harris Jr. affecting the Broncos defense? - Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

  • 5-20-2019
    Patrick Saunders: The Drive
    Patrick Saunders, our Fan Rockies Insider, joined D-Mac and Tom to discuss where the Rockies are at after a being swept by the Phillies over the weekend. Does Kyle Freeland need to be sent down to AAA in order to get himself in order? Photo Credit: Hunter Martin - Getty Images

  • 5-20-2019
    Troy Renck: The Drive
    Denver 7’s Troy Renck joined the program to break down what he saw from OTAs today. Troy provides details on the influx of high school coaches who were invited to observe practice today and which players stood out to him on the field. Photo Credit: Lachlan Cunningham - Getty Images 

  • 5-20-2019
    Cecil Lammey: The Drive’s Cecil Lammey joins D-Mac and Tom to discuss his observations from OTAs today. Cecil teases his latest articles breaks down which players have impressed so far and which players need improvement. Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

  • 5-19-2019
    Cecil Lammey: Dan Jacobs 5/19/19
    Cecil Lammey joins the show to talk about college football video games, and if Chris Harris Jr. can work out a two-year deal in Denver. Cecil says it’s looking like a one-year deal for Harris Jr. and that will be a big mistake made by John Elway.

  • 5-18-2019
    Bernie Keefe: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    Bernie Keefe with a conditions update and a fishing report.

  • 5-18-2019
    Tappan Brown: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    River Ranger Supervisor at Arkansas Headquarters Tappan Brown on whitewater boating, as well as camping at AHRA.

  • 5-18-2019
    Grant Brown: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    Boating Safety & Enforcement Program Manager Grant Brown on the boating safety campaign.

  • 5-18-2019
    Jarrett Edwards: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    Jarrett Edwards joins the show to talk about his TV Show and to talk about tips on fishing and boating on large lakes such as Lake Powell.

  • 5-18-2019
    Nate Zelinsky: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    Nate Zelinsky with Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk about lake trout, and blowing up the surface in the mornings. Also, Nate says talk to the shore anglers to get inside information on how the fishing is going.

  • 5-18-2019
    Austin Parr: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    Austin Parr with Discount Tackle joins the show to talk topic trends in the retail and fishing industry. Also, what's new and what's selling at Discount Tackle and innovation with braided lines.

  • 5-18-2019
    JR Pierce: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 5/18/19
    JR Pierce with Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about his new patterning area for shotguns and the June 2nd Cast & Clays tournament.