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  • Troy Renck: The Drive 6/19/18

    Denver 7 Insider Troy Renck joins the show to talk about what Bud Black does next, and Al asks Troy what’s going on with Wade Davis. Troy says Davis lost his release point, and simply didn’t have it when the ball started slipping. Troy says Davis hasn’t struggled like that in a long time, and […]
  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 6/11/18

    Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post joins the show to talk about the Colorado Rockies’ woes at home & how they can right the ship despite a bullpen with holes all over. Patrick points out the positives for Colorado, including their ability to get the job done on the road, as they gear up for […]
  • John Smoltz: In The Fairway 6/9/18

    Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz joins In The Fairway to talk about the Senior Open & keeping simple goals. John mentions the whirlwind of events he has in the next 14 games, and how he can maximize his practice time. Listen to the interview HERE!!!   (Photo by David Welker/Getty Images)
  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 6/4/18

    Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post joins the show to talk about DJ LeMahieu’s standing with the team & when the Colorado Rockies could give Brendan Rodgers a look. Patrick talks about what getting swept by the Dodgers could do to the club, and takes suggestions from Al & DMac on what the Rockies should […]
  • Kyle Freeland #21 of the Colorado Rockies pitches to the Los Angeles Dodgers during the first inning at Dodger Stadium on May 23, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

    Kyle Freeland: The Drive 5/25/18

    Rockies starting pitcher Kyle Freeland joins the show to talk about field day and finding ways to give back to schools that are less fortunate. Troy asks Freeland about the schedule so far, and if things feel weird. Freeland is excited about the upcoming home-stand at Coors Field, and notes that the offense can easily […]
  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 5/24/18

      Patrick Saunders joins the show to talk the Rockies current trends. The Rockies offense is struggling and Saunders explains why. Listen to the interview HERE!   (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
  • Troy Renck: The Drive 5/21/18

    Troy Renck of Denver7 joins the show to say we’ve never seen a sequence like Jordan Hicks’ this weekend, and offensive identity is still a problem with the Denver Broncos. Troy wants to know what the offense will look like with Keenum under center, and if the offensive line can establish themselves & get the […]
  • Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants

    Patrick Saunders: Stokley & Zach 5-18-18

    Denver Post Rockies insider Patrick Saunders joined Stokley and Zach to discuss the mood of the team right now, the continued struggles of Desmond, an under the radar guy on the team and more.
  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 5/16/18

    Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post joins the show to talk about respect for the game of baseball, and why CarGo did not bunt to break up Jordan Lyles’ perfect game yesterday. Patrick says its still bombs away at Coors Field, and DMac gives him some questions to ask Bud Black. Also, why the Rockies […]
  • Ryan Spilborghs: The Drive 5/15/18

    Ryan Spilborghs joins the show to help put an end to the bunt debate when it comes to breaking up a no-hitter, as the Rockies had a chance to do that today against Jordan Lyles & the Padres. Spilly believes in the integrity of the game, and asks Big Al if there are any superstitions […]