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  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 10/5/17

    Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post joins the show to tell DMac & Troy the scene that stuck in his mind the most, and says an emotional Jon Gray getting a bear-hug from Charlie Blackmon was cool to see after the game. Troy asks Patrick about the slider Neshek threw to Bradley in the biggest […]
  • Purple Hangover: Stokley & Zach

    Stokley & Zach 10/05/2017 Listen to hour one here! The Rockies lose their one game Wild Card game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in a game Paul Goldschmidt called the best baseball game he has ever played in. The Diamondbacks are under fire as their manager was wearing an apple watch in an attempt to possibly […]
  • Nick Swisher: Schlereth & Evans 10/5/17

    The extremely energetic Nick Swisher called in to recap the Rockies loss to the Diamondbacks last night.
  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 10/4/17

    Patrick Saunders joins the show to give his thoughts on moving CarGo to the 3-hole, and the importance of pressuring Greinke early. Saunders says CarGo is in a good place right now, and Nolan has never hit well against Greinke. Saunders says expect Chris Rusin & Tyler Anderson for long relief, and the Rockies’ one-night […]
  • Purple Wednesday: Stokley & Zach

    Stokley & Zach 10/04/2017 Listen to hour one here! It’s a Purple Wednesday and the guys kick off the show with the starting pitcher for tonight’s Wild Card game for the Rockies, Jon Gray. Stoke talks about his experience going to other cities and what it takes to win on the road. The guys talk […]
  • Thomas Harding: The Drive 10/3/17

    Thomas Harding joins the show choking on the playoff pressure, and tells Al & DMac what the Rockies champagne celebration at Coors Field was like. Big Al says Jon Gray needs to fly like an Ace now that this is for all the marbles, and Thomas Harding says he sees a talented player in Gray, […]
  • Troy Renck: The Drive 9/28/17

    Troy Renck of Denver 7 joins the show to say he’s not surprised about the amount of questions directed toward VJ on standing for the National Anthem, because it became the issue of choice once the story moved forward. Renck says it has been a sensitive topic with the broncos, there are no simple answers […]
  • Patrick Saunders: The Drive 9/28/17

    Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post joins the show to talk about how sensational Charlie Blackmon has been out of the leadoff spot this season, and DMac asks Patrick if Charlie has a shot at setting the Major League record for RBI by a leadoff batter. Patrick notes the disadvantage Nolan Arenado & Charlie Blackmon […]
  • Trevor Story: The Drive 9/27/17

    Trevor Story joins the show to talk about the Rockies getting that certain playoff feeling, and taking it day-by-day. DMac asks Story about what it will be like to play in the MLB playoffs, and if he will have a different mindset or change anything about his approach when playoffs begin. Story says every game […]
  • Troy Renck: The Drive 9/21/17

    Troy Renck joins the show to say bring a glove & protect yourself, and DMac says the only way he knows how to watch games is through a fence. Troy says he’s surprised nets haven’t been put up sooner, and it’s always frightening when fans get hit by line drives. Also, Troy says Bolles looked […]