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  • Fired up For the Steelers: The Drive 11/23/18

    LISTEN TO HOUR ONE HERE!!!:  Big Al and D-Mac began the show reacting to the match between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. The guys also talk about how the Broncos have had the toughest schedule in the NFL so far this season. In the Big 3 D-Mac asked Big Al what it means for the […]
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 5/16/18

    Patrick Saunders of The Denver post joined Sandy to talk about the Rockies unable to hit Jordan Lyles last game. Patrick says that if the Rockies were hitting like normal they could have a four game lead in the division. Patrick also says if Colorado does great on the rest of this current road trip […]
  • Brett Smiley: Sandy Clough 5/15/18

    Brett Smiley of joined Sandy to talk about the legalization of sports gambling. Who wins the owners, players, or the fans? Brett also doesn’t think this will double the value of the sports franchises. Brett also explains why he saw this coming a while back.
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 5/10/18

    Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post joined the show to talk about Ian Desmond’s offensive struggles this year. Patrick says it’s strange to see the Rockies play so well on the road and struggle at home. Patrick says Colorado doesn’t have a legit first baseman and thinks that if they might be able to make […]
  • Jim Montgomery: Sandy Clough 5/8/18

    Former Denver Pioneer Hockey and current Dallas Stars head coach Jim Montgomery joined Sandy to talk about his move from the college level to the NHL. Montgomery says he accomplished everything he wanted to do at the college level and it was time for him to move on to the next level. Why didn’t the […]
  • Dr. Rick Perea: Sandy Clough 5/8/18

    Dr. Rick Perea joined Sandy in studio to talk about the NFL off-season programs. Perea says this is the time of year where some of the veteran players need to become the leaders of the teams. Sandy and Rick talk about NFL quarterbacks mentoring their own back-ups and how much that really exists in a […]
  • Barry Abrams: Sandy Clough 5/2/18

    Bud Abrams of ESPN joined the show to talk about the upcoming Kentucky Derby. The guys talk about The Curse of Appollo and if that curse can be broken this year. Are the favorites to win in the Kentucky Derby always going to win it now? Where does the Kentucky Derby rank among the other […]
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 5/2/18

    Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post joined Sandy to break down the Rockies series win over the Chicago Cubs. Patrick describes how well of a manager Bud Black has been and how he’s always thinking one or two innings ahead. The guys talk about Trevor Story struggling this season and what will his numbers look […]
  • Cecil Lammey: Sandy Clough 4/25/18

    Cecil Lammey joins the show live from Dallas to give the latest on what he’s hearing from the NFL Draft. What are the chances the Broncos trade up or down in this draft? Cecil also talks about the teams that are trying to trade up into the top 10. Cecil makes the argument for the […]
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 4/25/18

    Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post joined Sandy to talk about Jon Gray’s great pitching performance against the Padres today. Patrick explains how the bottom half of the Rockies line-up has been struggling so far this season. Patrick also says if the Rockies want to be a contending team they have to be able to […]