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  • Paul Klee: Sandy Clough 4/19/18

    Paul Klee of the Colorado Springs Gazette joined the show to talk about what has surprised him so far from the Avalanche playoff series against Nashville. Who has been the MVP for the Avs so far? Paul also explains why you look for Nathan MacKinnon to be the hot hand compared to Nikola Jokic for […]
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 4/19/18

    Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post joined the show to talk about the Rockies through their first 20 games of the season. Patrick says the starting pitching for Colorado has been a roller coaster. Patrick also explains what he thinks of the NL West. Where does Colorado rank in the division?
  • Emily Kaplan: Sandy Clough 4/17/18

    ESPN’s National NHL Reporter joined Sandy to talk about the NHL Playoffs. Emily says the Avs are giving Nashville all that they can handle. Emily also talks about Colorado’s huge turnaround dating back to last season. Emily also talks about the success of the Vegas Golden Knights. What team in the playoffs has caught her […]
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 4/13/18

    Patrick Saunders joins Sandy to talk the role of the bullpen against the Nationals and for the season. They talk the Rockies 3 game winning streak and the performance of the starting pitching. How do you fix the Rockies struggling offense? Patrick Saunders clarifies Charlie Blackmon’s status after missing 4 games. Sandy and Saunders give […]
  • Alex Tanguay: Sandy Clough 4/11/18

    Stanley Cup Champion Alex Tanguay joins Sandy to reflect on previous playoff hockey in Denver. Sandy gets Tanguay’s thoughts on Nathan MacKinnon. Tanguay talks about how the Avalanche can remain competitive in the coming year. Sandy and Tanguay reflect on the Matt Duchene trade. Sandy and Tanguay talk the Avs chances of beating the Predators.
  • Mike Evans: Sandy Clough: 4/11/18

    Mike Evans Joins Sandy to talk Avalanche and the upcoming NHL Playoffs. Mike Evans says the Avs are playing good hockey for the first time in years. Evans says the most exciting part of this Avs team is the play of the top line. Mike Evans says this series will help prove how far Nathan […]
  • Joe Sakic: Sandy Clough 4/11/18

    Joe Sakic joined Sandy to preview the Avs upcoming playoff series with the Predators. Sakic talks about how great the chemistry has been on this team. Sandy asks Sakic when he knew he had something special with this team. Sakic also says this was a year of growth and didn’t expect the Avalanche to make […]
  • Patrick Saunders: Sandy Clough 4/5/18

    Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post joined the show to talk about Charlie Blackmon’s new contract extension. Did it bother Blackmon that he didn’t get the extension during the off-season and Spring Training? Does Blackmon’s contract impact Nolan Arenado’s future contract. Patrick says that Arenado doesn’t want to be Todd Helton and play for a […]
  • Mike Johnson: Sandy Clough 4/4/18

    Mike Johnson of the NHL Network joined the show to talk about the Avalanche playoff chances. Mike says that if Colorado misses the playoffs it won’t be because of the first line. Mike also says this Avalanche are just as surprising as the Knights have been this year. How big of a loss is it […]
  • Dr. Rick Perea: Sandy Clough 4/4/18

    Dr. Rick Perea joined Sandy in studio to talk about the process NFL teams go through during the draft process this time of year. Perea explains how the NFL missed on JaMarcus Russell and how teams need to learn the player first not the talent. Dr. Rick Perea explains why he thinks that NFL teams […]