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  • Looking For Standing Water: The Drive 7/27/17

    Thursday July 27th, 2017 The Drive with Big Al & C.J. LIVE in studio! Big Al stands by his statement that the Broncos always play their first-round draft picks, and C.J. has some questions when it comes to the Paxton Lynch pick last season. Broncos Insider Cecil Lammey joins the show to tell Al & […]
  • Vance Joseph: The Drive 7/27/17

    Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph joins the show to talk about the Broncos being aggressive all the time, and not just on defense. Big Al asks Coach Joseph why it’s taken so long to name Paxton Lynch the starter, and Joseph says it’s all about staying healthy, building something day-by-day and putting the pads on […]
  • Cecil Lammey: The Drive 7/27/17

    Broncos Insider Cecil Lammey joins the show to tell Al & C.J. he’s been like a race car in the red, and couldn’t wait to get going for Broncos Training Camp ’17. Al agrees with Cecil it’s been fun seeing Paxton Lynch taking leaps & acting like a starter. Cecil explains to the guys what […]
  • Everybody Knows, But Here We Are: The Drive 7/26/17

    Wednesday July 26th, 2017 The Drive with Big Al & Cecil LIVE in studio! Al makes a hypothetical steak dinner bet with Cecil on if Brock Osweiler will get cut by the Browns & if the Texans will make it to the second round of the ’17 NFL Playoffs. The guys hear from Joe Ellis […]
  • Kubiak is Back: The Drive 7/25/17

    Tuesday July 25th, 2017 The Drive with Big Al & Cecil LIVE in studio! Gary Kubiak returns to the Broncos as Senior Personnel Advisor, and Big Al is a bit shocked, even though he knew Kubiak wanted to be around football. Cecil mentions health reasons, and Al said Kubiak made it clear why he was […]
  • Troy Renck: The Drive 7/25/17

    Troy Renck joins the show to talk about the surprising move by the Broncos to bring back Gary Kubiak as an advisor. Troy says it’s the perfect fit, because Kubiak can scout from closer to his home in Texas, and Troy mentions the’scout’s eye’ Kubiak possesses. Al asks Troy if the target date has changed […]
  • Budgeting for John Elway’s New Deal: The Drive 7/24/17

    Monday July 24th, 2017 The Drive with Big Al & Cecil LIVE in studio! Cecil wonders if it’s a tough day to be Dan Marino, as John Elway inks a new five-year deal with the Denver Broncos, and is curious to see if Elway’s title of Executive Vice President of Football Operations/General Manager changes at […]
  • Mark Kite: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Mark Kite of SUN Power Sports joins the show to tell Terry & the listeners about all the great deals going on at SUN Power Sports right now, including Can-ams. Mark says there are really good rebates available right now with the model-year change from ’17s to ’18s. Mark talks about the new side-by-side the […]
  • Paul Wolf: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Paul Wolf joins the show to talk about Over-The-Counter & Leftover Licenses. Terry asks Paul about the good hunting opportunities & if we are past the draw for moose hunting season. Terry mentions the endless big game variety & the balance of the habitat, and Paul says deer elk & prong-horn are typically available when […]
  • Trina Romero: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 7/22/17

    Trina Romero joins the show to give Terry & the listeners an introduction to the moose on the Mesa. Trina mentions what to do with moose on the road & gives the listeners some tips for safe viewing. Trina & Terry agree bringing your dog is not a smart idea because moose can mistake them […]