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  • Ryan Wood: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    20-year-old fishing phenom Ryan Wood joins the show with advice for young bass anglers that want to try competing, and how to get involved in Bass Masters clubs, college clubs, and small tournaments. Chad says Ryan personifies preparation, and Ryan mentions the importance of checking temperatures & fishing with an open mind. Ryan says something […]
  • JR Pierce of Colorado Clays: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    JR Pierce from Colorado Clays joins the show to say nobody does shooting fundraisers like Colorado Clays. Chad asks JR about the Merry Miracles event, and JR says for an entry fee, you get access to the entire course & a donation allows you to shoot a ‘flurry.’ Also, as we near the end of […]
  • ASK THE EXPERT: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    In this week’s ASK THE EXPERT, Chad mentions what to look for in a fishing rod for a 7-year-old, and says the short rods with Snoopy on them are difficult to catch fish with. Chad says get yourself an ‘ugly-stick’ for leverage without worrying about breaking the rod. Also, the advantages of the Shakespeare synergy […]
  • Nate Zelinsky: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    Nate Zelinsky of Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk early ice tactics. Nate says his hands are bloody this morning, and Chad congratulates him. Nate mentions advantages to shallow-water fishing and keeping the colors dark & maintaining a low-profile.
  • TACKLE TALK: Abu Garcia Revo X: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    In this week’s episode of TACKLE TALK, Chad discusses the Abu Garcia Revo X spin & casting reels. Chad addresses how to spend your money, and what the high-performance bearings do when teamed with the rocket line management system. Chad mentions the rocket spool design & says the Revo X spinning reel feels good in […]
  • Rebecca Ferrell: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    Communication Specialist Rebecca Ferrell joins the show to talk about Fresh Air Friday. Rebecca discusses the importance of spending time outside & enjoying the outdoors, and why it can be good for physical & mental health. Rebecca says eight of their parks are participating in the Fresh Air Friday scavenger hunt, and talks about prizes […]
  • Joe Lewandowski: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    Public Information Specialist for the Southwest Region Joe Lewandowski joins the show to talk about bear hibernation. Joe mentions what bears do when they run out of natural food, and what it’s like in a bear den during the winter time. Also, the long stage of bears taking care of their young through January.
  • Dan Swanson: Terry Wickstrom Outdoors 11/18/17

    Dan Swanson of Fishful Thinker joins the show to talk about portable electronics & ice kayaks. Dan says now is the best time to fish for walleye, bass & trout, and he enjoys the fact the colder water will shock the fish. Also, social maps, ice transducers & why ice fishing can be more electronics-focused.
  • You’d Be a Fool: The Drive 11/17/17

    Friday November 17th, 2017 The Drive with Big Al & DMac LIVE! Bengals Radio color commentator Dave Lapham joins the show to say Marvin Lewis & Bengals owner Mike Brown are friends, and Lewis may stick around after the season despite Cincinnati’s inability to convert a 3rd down since their BYE week. James Palmer joins the show […]
  • James Palmer: The Drive 11/17/17

    James Palmer joins the show LIVE from Mexico City! James talks about the Pats coming off the BYE, and the sense he got from the Broncos locker room after their tough loss. James mentions its hard to remain positive going into every week, and if Paxton is healthy enough to be the backup, there’s no […]