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DMac co-hosts Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan’s “The Drive with Big Al and DMac,” along with Alfred Williams. Listen weekdays from 3 to 9 p.m. He graduated from Syracuse in 1991, and he’s covering Colorado sports for The Fan since 2008. Follow DMac on Twitter: @dmac1043
  • DMac: Broncos say goodbye to ‘Champ Camp’

    Gary Kubiak told his Denver Broncos team, “You can either get back to practice, or we can come back later tonight and do this again.” This conversation happened after the fifth fight of the day on the final day of Broncos training camp and the second day of training with the San Francisco 49ers. OK, […]
  • DMac: James Ferentz, the tiny Broncos lineman with big heart, attitude

    As camp comes to a conclusion and we roll into the later stages of preseason, there is one player who is impossible to miss despite the fact he’s one of the smallest guys in his group. James Ferentz (pronounced FAIR-ins — and I make note of this because I’ve been screwing up his name all […]
  • DMac Champ Camp Blog – Day 17

    DMac on day 17 of Champ Camp… Ben Higgins is the Bachelor.  Well, I guess he was ONE of the Bachelors.  I’m not real sure how many Bachelors there have been, but Ben has been one of them.  After the Broncos’ practice was over, Bachelor Ben went out onto the field and started slinging some […]
  • DMac Broncos training camp blog: ‘Champ Camp’ Day 12

    Mark Sanchez had his best practice of camp on Tuesday. Of course, the players weren’t wearing pads and were going about half speed or so, but still Sanchez looked good. He threw a deep TD to DT and avoided the dumb mistakes of the past couple of days. Monday was miserable for Sanchez, as he […]
  • DMac Broncos training camp blog: ‘Champ Camp’ Day 8

    For 90 minutes Wednesday, I sat with my mouth open in a chair having oral surgery.  The only thing more painful than that was watching the Denver Broncos quarterbacks try to run Gary Kubiak’s offense. Awful. Kubiak ripped all of his quarterbacks after practice, especially “The Pirate,” Paxton Lynch.  It was a sweltering hot day, […]
  • DMac blog- Day Five of Champ Camp

    DMac’s comments on Monday’s practice… There are Broncos players who you KNOW are football players.  Even if you don’t know their names, when you pass them in the mall, you know they’re somebody.  You know what that’s like when you are walking past Gymboree next to Pac Sun and there is a dude who is […]
  • DMac blog – Day Four of Champ Camp

    DMac’s thoughts on Sunday’s practice… Grant Thornham is 10 years old.  He is RUINED for fall baseball this season but will have a story to tell his kids for the rest of his life.  On Saturday, young Grant was trying to catch a Brandon McManus field goal attempt on the Dove Valley berm.  Grant had […]
  • DMac blog — Day 3 of Champ Camp

    DMac on Saturday’s practice… It’s become apparent there are two training camps going on at Dove Valley.  There is the Broncos training camp which features all of the “real players” and two quarterbacks in Trevor Siemian and Mark Sanchez who are battling for the top spot. Then there’s the Paxton Lynch training camp which is […]
  • DMac Blog – Day One of Champ Camp

    DMac gives his thoughts on the first day of Champ Camp… Yesterday, at the media lunch, I asked Gary Kubiak if he believed Aqib Talib shot himself. Kubiak said, “well, something happened.” I guess that’s true. I probably should’ve asked John Elway that same question but I thought of it too late and John was […]