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Another national media outlet less than impressed with Broncos offseason

(Photo by Joe Amon/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

In Denver, the general consensus is that the Broncos have improved greatly since the end of last season. Vic Fangio is an upgrade over Vance Joseph, Joe Flacco is better than Case Keenum and the team’s 2019 draft class shows a lot of promise.

None of that is all that outlandish or overly optimistic, with the possible exception of the rookie hype. After all, it’s not hard to be a step up from a dreadful head coach and a journeyman quarterback.

But around the country, the reviews of the Broncos offseason are less enthusiastic. In a recent ESPN roundtable discussion, writer KC Joyner chose Denver as the team that had declined the most in the offseason. Yardbarker gave the Broncos a wholly mediocre C+ when grading the club’s offseason. And most recently, Sports Illustrated snubbed Denver’s free-agent signings, trades and draft picks.

In an article that dropped just in time for the holiday weekend, the MMQB staff listed the seven NFL teams that had improved the most during the offseason. Did the Broncos make the cut? Well, in short, nope.

Splashy moves like acquiring Odell Beckham Jr., bringing in Nick Foles and trading for Josh Rosen earned spots for the Browns, Jaguars and Dolphins in the top seven, which is difficult to argue. But a few other inclusions are head-scratchers. The Jets front office is a train wreck right now, but they’re included. And the Steelers saw two huge offensive weapons leave town, but they somehow improved.

It’s an interesting read, if for nothing else but to see what the national media thinks of the Broncos. At this point, it doesn’t seem like they give them much thought. Outside of Denver, John Elway’s moves aren’t making many waves.