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Cookie Crumbles: The Drive 2/8/19

DENVER, CO - FEBRUARY 09: John Elway, Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager of the Denver Broncos looks on from the stage as the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos are celebrated at a rally on the steps of the Denver City and County Building on February 9, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Friday February 8th, 2019

The Drive with CJ & DMac LIVE IN STUDIO!!!



DMac says it’s clear the best companies have a gameplan, and questions if Elway does or not. DMac tells CJ to follow the money, and that the Broncos should have drafted Sam Darnold. Also, DMac explains the Broncos vacuum that’s louder than a hurricane right now.

CJ asks DMac LeVeon Bell or Antonio Brown, and DMac asks CJ if he’s into the new format for drafting All-Stars in the NBA as LeBron & Giannis’ rosters come together. DMac recommends QB1 on Netflix, and talks about Justin Fields going to Ohio State. Also, CJ wants to know if the Denver Nuggets should push all their chips in to go after Kevin Durant.

DMac tells CJ the odds favor him over Mike Evans in the Hall of Fame 5 debate, and CJ says both could be right. The guys talk about ‘Death by Inches’ and sinking to the bottom of the ocean with your top QB pick in the draft. DMac says the Broncos’ cookie crumbled with the arrogance of Gary Kubiak & John Elway.



CJ talks about his recruiting process at CU Boulder, and why he had to grow up quick. DMac mentions the teams that are looking at drafting a quarterback in 2019. CJ says just because John Elway was a great QB doesn’t mean he’s a great evaluator of talent.

CJ & DMac agree there’s no point in doing kickoffs anymore, and come up with ideas based on the Alliance of American Football. CJ mentions the limited amount of athletes available to make football entertaining, and Big Sexy releases the rosters & schedule for Week 1 in the AAF.

CJ talks about being in a fraternity, and DMac says there is no way Big Al would ever be in a frat.



DMac responds to Mike Evans & Mark Schlereth’s insanity, after the morning show says wolves can’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. DMac talks about the ‘Ricky Bobby’ strategy of being either first or last. CJ says Matthew Stafford is not successful in his opinion.

DMac reviews the name he was called by the morning show, and checks in on the Nuggets in Philadelphia as they take on the 76ers. CJ says putting up big numbers & winning MVP are important to James Harden, not winning a championship.


(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)