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(From right) Brandon McManus, Noah Karwacki, Zach Bye and Brandon Stokley talk on 104.3 The Fan during The Fan Kicks Childhood Cancer Challenge on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.
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McManus pushes childhood cancer fundraiser over donation goal

Noah Karwacki started his senior season as the Vista Peak Prep kicker aiming not just through the uprights but also at kicking childhood cancer.

Dedicating the season in honor of Nate Ekhoff, an all-American kicker from Ponderosa High School who passed away from complications from Leukemia in 2012, Karwacki had raised nearly half of his $5,000 goal heading into November.

That is, until Tuesday.

“I’m just honored to be here for what Noah’s doing,” Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus told “Stokley and Zach” during The Fan Kicks Childhood Cancer Challenge. “… What he’s doing is special. And any way I could help I wanted to do it.”

Help McManus did, pushing the “Kick-It with Noah Karwacki” fundraiser over its goal with a $3,000 donation.

All donations will go to help Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which funds research to find better treatments and cures for childhood cancer.

Donations will be accepted through the end of the year and can be made here.

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