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Tight Division on a Tuesday: The Drive 9/11/18

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 18: Linebacker Bradley Chubb #55 of the Denver Broncos celebrates with defensive back Justin Simmons #31 and defensive back Will Parks #34 after a tackle in the end zone for a first quarter safety against the Chicago Bears during an NFL preseason game at Broncos Stadium at Mile High on August 18, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Tuesday September 11th, 2018

The Drive with Big Al & Chad Brown LIVE IN STUDIO!!! Big Al thinks teams are going to start attacking Bradley Chubb, and Chad tells Case Keenum he just has to play smart & doesn’t need to win games for the Broncos.



Big Al thinks teams are going to start attacking Bradley Chubb, and Chad tells Case Keenum he just has to play smart & doesn’t need to win games for the Broncos. Big Al highlights some blown coverages & dropped passed in the Seahawks game, and how to stay effective in the Red Zone. The guys agree Denver must stay in position to make plays, and DT must catch the ball.

In the Big 3, Big Al talks about calls against lowering the helmet, and Chad welcomes Bruce Arians to the broadcasting booth. Al notices Trevor Story has been on fire, and says this Rockies team understands what time it is. Also, Chad notes all the NFL head coaches that lost in their NFL debuts.

Big Al agrees with Chad about it being a bad look for LeVeon Bell right now, and Al says he may have lost his team already. Al says Bell won’t take a snap for anyone but Pittsburgh this year, and asks Chad if the Broncos have anyone like Bell on their roster.



In Football @ Four, Big Al says Derek Carr did not look good last night, and asks Chad if he expects the LA Chargers to bounce back after a loos to the Chiefs. Chad says something is going on in KC with their combination of good coaching & young athletes. Also, Chad says Denver must figure out a way to defend the Tight End before Jared Cook comes to town.

Big Al tells Chad it looked like Derek Carr ‘didn’t want none’ last night against the Rams, and Chad points out the bad matchup Carr had against the Rams corners. Al says if he were one of the Raiders receivers, he’s upset this week.

Big Al plays back some audio of Jon Gruden saying Khalil Mack didn’t want to be in Oakland, and says Gruden chose the wrong words. Also, Al doesn’t think the Raiders truly love Derek Carr.

Al thinks Derek Carr is afraid to get hit now that we have his offensive coordinator here in Denver in Bill Musgrave. Al tells Chad Carr is scared to throw picks, unlike Keenum, and all these draft picks the Raiders are getting for Khalil Mack are to find Carr’s replacement, not Mack.



Big Al says it should be the Broncos winning the AFC West this year, and our QB has the goods in Case Keenum, and Keenum responds well to adversity. Chad talks about how the Broncos can confront tough situations in games.

The guys take calls on if Case Keenum is clutch & if comparisons to Aaron Rodgers are too strong. One caller thinks Von Miller could get 20 sacks with Bradley Chubb on the other side, and another gives props to Phillip Lindsay after his Week 1 performance.

Big Al is pumped up about the Rockies, and Chad decides if the Oakland Raiders are a better team this year. Also, Al tells Chad Martavis Bryant automatically makes the Raiders better.


(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)