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Positive Things Going On: The Drive 8/8/18

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 15: Tight end Jeff Heuerman #82 of the Denver Broncos is brought down in the end zone after a fourth quarter touchdown against the New York Giants at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 15, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Wednesday August 8th, 2018

The Drive with Big Al & DMac LIVE IN STUDIO! Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko joins the show to talk about his Ray Lewis article about the protective bubble around certain players & dialed back media access.



The guys talk about Hard Knocks & what scenes they loved best from the Cleveland Browns’ 2018 debut. Al & DMac compare trying to coach a football game to coaching baseball, and how many coaches are needed for each sport. Al wants to know what’s up with putting your glove up to your mouth, and DMac talks pickoff plays. Also, DMac says Vance Joseph can learn a lot from Hue Jackson coaching the coaches. In the Big 3, DMac asks Al if the Broncos are approaching the preseason the right way, and Al says it’s all about how much work you want to get your players. Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko joins the show to talk about his Ray Lewis article about the protective bubble around certain players & dialed back media access. Robert says teams protect individual players from uncomfortable questions that need to be asked. Listen to the interview HERE!



The boys listen to Jarvis Landry’s speech to the WRs on Hard Knocks, and Big Al talks about the vocal leaders in his locker room when he was on the broncos, including Ray Crockett, Shannon Sharpe & Tyrone Braxton. Also, DMac says when Demaryius Thomas talks, they listen. Big Al talks about the problems that can arise when there is bad coordinating, and points out the fights Aqib Talib had with Jordan Norwood & Russell Okung. DMac talks about the Rockies batting order, and why it’s important to have Nolan Arenado in the 3-hole. DMac falls in love with Pittsburgh’s Felipe Vazquez and his strong arm, and Big Al compares Vazquez to Aroldis Chapman. The guys talk about Troy Renck stirring the pot, and Aqib Talib’s response on social media to a question about Wade Phillips & Vance Joseph. Al says Talib & Phillips are made for each other, and it’s rare to see a relationship like theirs in the NFL. Also, Al says Von Miller is a star & Chris Harris Jr. is a grinder.



DMac wonders why anyone wouldn’t want to stick it to someone who fired them, and the guys talk about the bad Rockies loss at home today. Al wonders if anyone would put ‘smart & funny’ on their dating profile, and what sports to consider enrolling your kids in today. Big Al says get ready to see Paxton play the majority of the time in the Vikings game, and DMac is nervous about Paxton’s knowledge of the playbook. We hear audio from VJ about his plan for the backup QBs, and DMac gives the Broncos coaches a little credit. The boys talk about father-son moments at the ball game, and how cheap a ticket to the game was for DMac to marvel at RockiesVision. DMac tells Al Broncos Stadium @ Mile High doesn’t even compare to Coors Field right now.


(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)