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A promotional photo of "Schlereth and Evans" hosts Mark Schlereth, left, and Mike Evans.
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After heart surgery, The Fan’s Mike Evans urges listeners to be proactive

A promotional photo of "Schlereth and Evans" hosts Mark Schlereth, left, and Mike Evans.

For the past few days, like most times when Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan hosts are absent from the air, Mike Evans has been getting the typical questions: “Where are you? What are you doing?”

“I think I have a pretty good excuse,” Evans told “Schlereth and Evans” on Tuesday. “This past Friday, I had open heart surgery.”

Evans said just a few weeks ago he had gone in for a routine physical when his doctor discovered a heart murmur. Upon further testing, doctors discovered a valve in his aorta that needed to be replaced last week.

“I’m already home recovering. I’ve got a pretty sore chest. I’ve got a pretty scar out of it,” Evans said. “I’m going to be out for a couple of weeks recovering, but I’m doing well.”

Evans, however, urged listeners to be proactive about their health to prevent even bigger health issues down the road.

“I never showed, ever, any symptoms of any kind of heart disease. I was able to be active and doing things, “Evans said. “If it had not been for this routine physical and the doctor hearing this heart murmur, I’d be going along my way not knowing anything was wrong.

“I would have reached a point where it would have been really serious and a lot of damage would have been done.”

Utilizing his “soapbox” Tuesday, Evans urged everyone to get a physical so they too might discover early any issues like his.

“Go get your heart listened to. Go get your heart checked. And just make sure you’re OK because a lot of that stuff that ends up happening down the road can be prevented if you jump on things right now,” Evans said.

Evans’ co-host, Mark Schlereth, echoed a similar sentiment, saying:

“As guys, we always like to be like, ‘Oh, I’m fine. That’s nothing to worry about.’… Go get yourself checked out,” Schlereth said. “Go make sure you get your physical. Go make sure you take care of your health because it’s the most important thing that we have.”

As for right now, it’s Schlereth in the driver’s seat with “Schlereth and Evans,” which he joked with Evans about on Tuesday.

“You looked tremendous considering what you’ve been through. My challenge to you is I think you can do this. I think you can come back on Friday,” Schlereth joked. :”This could be a world record. I really think that you’re kind of milking this thing a little bit.”

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