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Picking QBs Based on Fashion Sense: The Drive 7/9/18

of the Louisville Cardinals against the Syracuse Orange during the game at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium on November 18, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Monday July 9th, 2018

The Drive with DMac & Chad Brown LIVE IN STUDIO! DMac gets around to Big Al’s buyer’s remorse comment about the Broncos drafting Bradley Chubb instead of Josh Rosen or Lamar Jackson.



DMac calls out Big Al for flip-flopping on the Bradley Chubb pick & having buyer’s remorse about not drafting Josh Rosen. DMac says Al was only excited about the Bradley Chubb pick to prove him wrong about Rosen, and there’s no way the Broncos ever thought they were going to land Chubb. Also, DMac’s not buying that the Broncos were ever drafting a QB, and tells Chad there’s more talent with Lamar Jackson than with Courtland Sutton. In the Big 3, DMac finds out from Chad if he’s buying or selling on the Rockies, and the guys agree they are fed up with violence toward officials. Also, the importance of Serena Williams to tennis and why NFL teams should throw away the first two weeks of the season. DMac explains to Chad why teams can’t make wild decisions after only two weeks of the NFL season, and points out the mistake Big Al was about to make last year in paying Trevor Siemian. Also, why the Broncos should be wary about paying Case Keenum big money.



DMac laughs at the starting quarterback contracts in the NFL, and explains why a 2 year deal for Siemian at five million per does nothing for the team. Chad & DMac agree last year Denver had one of the worst stretches in Broncos history. The guys talk about going back in time, and if Chad can still dunk a basketball. Summer sports are discussed, and Chad asks DMac if he would be a lifeguard. Chad & DMac discuss Tim Tebow & how magical his career has been. DMac says he’s never seen a QB like Tim Tebow in the NFL before, and Big Sexy finds out if Tebow was more deserving of an All-Star bid this year than Bryce Harper. DMac likes that the Broncos position players are getting together & working out, and Chad points out that this is when many techniques are learned. DMac asks Chad what the players need between minicamp & training camp, and Chad offers advice on avoiding blisters from not working out.



DMac marvels at Mark Reynolds’ numbers over the weekend, and asks Chad if he’s into what the Rockies have been doing lately. DMac says the Rockies are finally playing up to their level, and points out that the Mariners are a good team this year. DMac gets around to Big Al’s buyer’s remorse comment about the Broncos drafting Bradley Chubb instead of Josh Rosen. The Carolina Panthers are sold to David Tepper after ex-owner Jerry Richardson issues a statement, and DMac asks Chad about the different ownership situations in the NFL, including the Denver Broncos. The guys look forward to next year, and what to expect from the Broncos roster considering how it’s currently built. Also, questions from the listeners.


(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)