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Up Your Average: The Drive 6/7/18

RALEIGH, NC - OCTOBER 08: B.J. Hill #98 and Bradley Chubb #9 of the North Carolina State Wolfpack celebrate after a win against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Carter Finley Stadium on October 8, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. North Carolina State won 10-3. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Thursday June 7th, 2018

The Drive with Big Al & DMac LIVE in studio! CTO & Co-Founder of PlayerLync Greg Menard joins the show to talk about PlayerLync’s recent work with the Broncos, and the added technology PlayerLync is bringing to the game.



DMac opens the show talking about Wade Davis & the Rockies blowing a lead to the Reds on the road, and Al says don’t forget who you are tomorrow. DMac says this game was one the Rockies needed, and he’s become too much of a fan. Also, DMac can’t believe CarGo once again wasn’t bunting and Al says the NBA Finals have been closer than it appears. Also, Big Al says LeBron should join the Warriors & DMac finds out what Kevin Love does. T.O. turns down the Hall of Fame and their upcoming ceremonies, and KD is called a ‘global icon’ by DMac. Julian Edelman can’t lay off the juice & receives a four-game suspension, and Bryan Colangelo throws his wife under the bus for his burner accounts. CTO & Co-Founder of PlayerLync Greg Menard joins the show to talk about PlayerLync’s recent work with the Broncos, and the added technology PlayerLync is bringing to the game. Greg mentions their recent dealings with Starbucks, among other companies, and cool features being rolled out like ‘AutoScout.’ DMac mentions the new dawn that’s upon teams & athletes, and how PlayerLync is easing the transition to a sports world dominated by computers & statistics. Listen to the interview HERE!!!



Big Al says it’s time to move on from Demaryius Thomas & Emmanuel Sanders, and time to give the young blood a look in this Broncos offense. Al points out the extra reps Courtland Sutton, Royce Freeman & DaeSean Hamilton have been getting, and says Denver needs more production from their WR core than what just DT & Emmanuel have been providing. The guys talk about the WRs ‘clicking’ with the QBs in the Broncos’ offense this season, and how a passing camp in Houston could help Case Keenum get on the same page with Emmanuel Sanders & Demaryius Thomas. DMac says someone needs to step up & lead so the team can get on the same page, and DT & Emmanuel are tough to trust when it comes to putting a passing camp together. Big Al wants to give the prolific Case Keenum a chance in Denver just like Broncos fans did with Kirk Cousins before he chose to play in Minnesota. Al makes sure DMac considers Alex Smith elite & not just solid, and the guys define what an ‘average’ QB is. The boys talk about the NBA Finals, and if LeBron can save his team from a 3-0 deficit to the Warriors. Also, DMac & Al argue over how many points the Broncos offense will average, and if they will be any more dynamic in 2018 than the offense was last year.



DMac is still steaming about the Rockies game, what happened with Wade Davis, and why CarGo won’t bunt instead of hitting into double-plays. DMac explains why games like these might grind on Rockies GM Jeff Bridich & Al says why it’s always hard giving up late-game leads. Also, DMac tells Al he can’t see a world where the Nuggets win a championship, and Big Al runs through controversy in the NCAA. DMac defends Sports Column, and Big Al talks about the city of Denver expanding. DMac wonders how big a bike lane downtown should be, and how many people ride their bikes to work. Al says if Terrell Owens felt disrespected by the pro football Hall of Fame, then he understands T.O.’s decision not to attend his HOF induction. Also, DMac mentions how legendary Michael Jordan’s basketball HOF speech was. The guys talk about the ‘must-win’ game coming up for the Vegas Golden Knights tonight, and Big Al admits he simply loves a winner.


(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)