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Bradley Roby #29 of the Denver Broncos looks on prior to Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
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Possible breakout candidates for the Broncos: ‘Pritchard & Cecil’

Bradley Roby #29 of the Denver Broncos looks on prior to Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Pritchard & Cecil – 05/16/2018 – Pritchard & Cecil live in studio. Wendesday’s show the guys talk about possible breakout players for the Broncos, how Bradley Chubb will fit into the Broncos defense this year and possible names the Broncos or other teams could look to add.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Pritchard & Cecil talk about a list of possible breakout players written by some media outlets as Bleacher Report released their list of breakout players for 2018. Devontae Booker was chosen for the Broncos… Obviously Cecil is not thrilled by this and he lets Bleacher Report have it in his Fresh Take. The guys also give some other thoughts on the topic as well. Also, no one can get under Cecil’s skin like Mike Evans. What did he say this time? Cecil responds, but not the way you might think. The guys close out the first half hour of the show talking about that and much more!

Plus, Broncos GM John Elway shared his hand. What did he say? Is it too much to say expectations have been raised? Pritchard & Cecil talk about expectations for the Broncos in 2018 and what everyone should expect from the team.

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Pritchard & Cecil talk about running back Devontae Booker and if he could be a possible breakout player for the Broncos in 2018. Cecil Lammey breaks down Booker’s game and why he doesn’t see Booker as a breakout player because he won’t be the teams every down running back for the entire regular season. The guys get into whether or not Booker will have an every down role this year. Mike Pritchard also goes onto talk about how if Booker plays like his rookie season he could see him having a big role and a big year for the Broncos. The guys then jump into some defensive discussion and how Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb fits into the Broncos current scheme.

Also the guys talk about some players out there available right now in the NFL that no one is talking about. The guys break down some of those names and if the Broncos could look to add some of those players.

Listen to hour three here!

Hour three Pritchard & Cecil talk about other possible breakout candidates for the Broncos in 2018. The guys give some reasoning to why they believe that their number one breakout candidate for 2018 is Broncos corner back Bradley Roby. The fellas weigh in on why this would be huge for the Broncos if Roby became another Pro Bowl for the Broncos secondary. Pritchard & Cecil look at some other players as well including Jake Butt and if he could have a breakout season for the Denver Broncos this season. The guys also venture out of the AFC West and discuss players inside the division that could have a breakout year and how they would impact the Broncos chances to win the division.

For the rest of the final hour the guys talk about how many sacks Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb might have this year. The guys break down that as well as look at some news and notes from around the NFL. The guys discuss that and much more!