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What’s the Scenario? Stokley & Zach

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: Commissioner of the National Football League Roger Goodell speaks during the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on April 27, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Stokley & Zach 1/11/2018


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Chad Brown is in for Brandon Stokley on Thursday and the fellas kick off the show with how high the ceiling is for Broncos linebacker, Von Miller. Zach asks Chad about the Broncos linebackers and Von Miller’s 2017.

Adam Schefter was on with the Morning Show on Thursday and said the Broncos should take a quarterback with the 5th overall pick and go after a veteran quarterback like Case Keenum. Chad says that Case Keenum would not go for that because he would rather be the starter somewhere else than a bridge guy for the Broncos. Zach thinks the chances that the Vikings even let him go are slim.

Zach has four options for game-plans this off season and Chad picks the one he likes best. Chad says to sign a free agent quarterback and draft a quarterback with the 5th overall pick as well. Chad dives into the 2018 quarterback draft class and what he thinks the equation to being a starting quarterback is.


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Hour two kicks off with how bumpy of a road the Broncos are on and how long it could take them to get back on track.

Zach asks Chad about the biggest strengths and weaknesses among the Broncos. Chad says that defensively, the Broncos cannot let other teams throw the ball easily against them.

The Broncos have split up position coaches and taken a coaching by committee approach to the 2018 Broncos. Zach asks Chad about what Stoke said yesterday that having more voices gives you more miscommunication. Chad says that there are two approaches to it. Chad says if the overall plan is the same among the coaches, the Broncos will be in better shape.


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The final hour kicks off with Chad talking about the lack of offseason work and the NFL’s CBA. Chad says there is not enough contact before the season for the players to develop and get better as athletes.

Chad and Zach talk about how brutal of a season it was for the Broncos and how much the coaching affects the talent on the team. Chad gives us Isaiah McKenzie as an example. Zach goes back to the Broncos being the biggest brain trust in the NFL.

Chad’s beef on Thursday is with the Nuggets taking a loss against the worst team in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks. Stoke and Chad think the Nuggets should take things one game at a time and not worry about the word “playoffs”.

For the rest of the hour the fellas talk about how the players at bigger schools go through more aggressive practices and how it translates to the NFL.