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Broncos’ Staff Gets Another QB For Senior Bowl: Stokley & Zach

IOWA CITY, IOWA- SEPTEMBER 2: Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Wyoming Cowboys warms up before the match-up against the Iowa Hawkeyes, on September 2, 2017 at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

Stokley & Zach 1/10/2018


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Stokley & Zach kick off with the new Broncos Special Teams Coordinator, Tom McMahon and how he might handle a situation like having Isaiah McKenzie returning punts for the Broncos. The fellas role play the meeting between Vance and McMahon.

The Broncos are taking a different approach to when it comes to coaching roles in the NFL. The Broncos are thinking outside the box and basically “coaching by committee”. Stoke thinks it could work out great but there is a chance for miscommunication between coaches and players with more than one person telling them what to do.

Hypothetically, if the Browns were to give up the first overall, the guys wonder what it would take for the Broncos to trade for it.


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The fellas take phone calls about what Broncos Country would be willing to give up for the first overall pick. Von Miller’s name is thrown around in the conversation and Stoke says finding a franchise quarterback is the most important piece to the Broncos puzzle.

Stoke & Zach talk about what other positions of need the Broncos have and could look at in the 2018 Draft.

Zach asks what Stoke’s plan would be with the Broncos cornerbacks and what the defense might look like next year. Stoke says the Aqib could be gone and Roby could be stepping in to the number two corner spot along with Chris Harris.


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ESPN rated every team’s 2017 draft class and how much they contributed in 2017. The Denver Broncos were rated below average. Stoke says they just weren’t good enough. Garrett Bolles was the only one to make any kind of impact this year.

The fellas talk a little more about new Special Teams Coordinator, Tom McMahon and what Pat McAffee had to say about him this morning on Schlereth & Evans. The fellas have the audio from one of the worst special team’s calls in NFL history that was under the watch of McMahon.

Stoke’s beef on Wednesday is with the special teams of the Denver Broncos and how bad they did in 2017. Stoke says that the only time you talk about special teams is when they are bad and last year was atrocious.