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Looking at Broncos position battles: Stokely & Zach

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Stokley & Zach – 05/19/2017 – Cecil Lammey filling in for Brandon Stokley alongside Zach Bye live in studio. Friday’s show the guys talk about players that could lose their starting jobs for the Broncos and possible upgrades at tight end on offense.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about Von Miller being a leader for the Broncos defense in 2017. The guys look at the simple ways that Von Miller has show his leadership on the Broncos. The guys then also look into possible upgrades for the Broncos on offense at the right end position. The fellas talk about Ladarius Green being a free agent and if the Broncos should think about signing him to a deal to add to their tight end depth. Cecil Lammey gives his thoughts on that and the Zach Bye debates him on why they possibly should.

For the rest of hour one Cecil Lammey and Zach Bye look at players that were starters last year that could lose their job on day 1 of camp. The guys look at possible players that could be challenged for their job in camp. Cecil Lammey debates why C.J. Anderson shouldn’t be challenged for his job. Zach Bye then goes into some other players as well.

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about what Derek Wolfe had to say yesterday when he joined The Drive with Big Al and D-Mac. The guys play back a few comments and then react to them. Cecil Lammey talks about which comments stood out the most to him. Zach Bye then goes into the comments that he’s liked this week from Derek Wolfe. Cecil Lammey also talks about the comparisons of Garrett Bolles being compared to Derek Wolfe and if there are any common themes to both. Zach Bye then discusses the comparisons as well and what has impressed him the most about Derek Wolfe.

For the rest of hour two Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey weigh in on the Broncos defense being matched up against the Chiefs, Raiders and the Chargers in the AFC West. The guys look at the defensive matchup for the Broncos this season and lies ahead for the Broncos this season.

Listen to hour three here!

Hour three Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about the Broncos and if they thin higher of themselves internally than externally. Cecil Lammey goes into how the Broncos think about themselves and how the fans should think of the Broncos. Zach Bye then looks at the Broncos offense compared to the rest of the AFC West and how they stack up. Zach Bye poses the question of can the Broncos win without a cemented franchise quarterback yet. Cecil Lammey explains why Mike McCoy is the reason why the Broncos offense will be better.

For the rest of hour one Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey get back into some topics that were discussed earlier in the show. The guys talk about Von Miller’s leadership as well as Broncos starters that could be battling for their starting job going into training camp. The fellas talk about guys that could lose their jobs on day 1 of camp.