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Derek Wolfe: The Drive 5/18/17

Credit: © Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Wolfe joins the show to talk about his wife keeping him on the straightened arrow & Big Al tells him he’s become the player everyone expected him to become coming out of college. Al asks Wolfe what advice he’ll be giving the young guys to achieve their goals like he did. Wolfe says he’s back at 305 lbs. right now, and has a reminder for the young guys that the success does not come right away, it’s all about the work you put in. DMac laughs when Wolfe says the idea of playing Clemson isn’t even worth talking about, and Wolfe mentions the little things and how football is a game of inches. Also, Wolfe brings up riding the Super Bowl wave and things taking awhile to settle back down so the Broncos can get back to work, and reminds DMac there is only one Derek Wolfe.


© Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports