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Breaking down the Broncos starting QB situation: Stokley & Zach

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Stokley & Zach – 05/18/2017 – Cecil Lammey filling in for Brandon Stokley alongside Zach Bye live in studio. Thursday’s show the guys talk about the Broncos quarterback battle this off-season and some of Vance Joseph’s recent comments.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about Broncos head coach Vance Joseph and his comments to MMQB. The guys first read some of those comments and go through the article and which Joseph comments stood out to them the most. The guys then react to those comments. Cecil Lammey gives his impressions and thoughts on what Joseph had to say about the Broncos and their quarterback battle coming up in training camp. Zach Bye also goes into the comments and quotes that stood out to him the most.

For the rest of hour one Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about the Broncos quarterback battle. The guys go through what will play into the Broncos quarterback battle. Cecil Lammey explains why that the upside of Paxton Lynch is much higher than  the upside of Trevor Siemian moving forward. Cecil also discusses the Broncos offense and how the team will have two different offenses set up for both quarterbacks.

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about Jamaal Charles and if he is in any danger to not make the Broncos roster this season. The guys go over his contract details and why the contract protects the Broncos this season. The fellas go over why Charles must make the team in order to get the most money out of his contract. Cecil Lammey break down why Charles must look back to his old form this year in order to make the Broncos roster. Zach Bye also brings up the point that there are some questions heading into the season about Broncos running back C.J. Anderson.

For the rest of hour two the guys talk about job security in the NFL and how guys are fighting for their jobs constantly throughout the year. The fellas relate that to the Broncos this season and how both quarterbacks will be fighting for their jobs this off-season. The guys also relate that to the locker room and how the rest of the Broncos team perceives the battle.

Listen to hour three here!

Hour three Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about the Broncos quarterback battle and both Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch’s personalities. The guys look at both guys and if personality will play into the situation at all on who starts this season for the Broncos. Cecil Lammey talks about why Paxton Lynch can be a leader and dominant personality inside the locker room on offense. Cecil Lammey gives some examples for why that’s true. Zach Bye goes into that as well and looks at Trevor Siemian and what he brings to the table.

For the rest of hour three Zach Bye and Cecil Lammey talk about what type of contract Trevor Siemian might get if he is still the teams starter in a few years. The guys look at that compared to what the team will have to pay Paxton Lynch for the next few years for the Broncos. The fellas break that down and much more to close out the show!