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Reacting to the Broncos 2017 schedule: Stokley & Zach

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Stokley & Zach – 04/21/2017 – Zach Bye alongside Tyler Polumbus who filled in for Brandon Stokley live from The Blake Street Tavern. Friday’s show the guys talk about the Broncos schedule release and the Broncos quarterback battle this year. Our Fan Broncos Insider Cecil Lammey joined the show.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Zach Bye and Tyler Polumbus talked about the Broncos schedule being released last night. The guys give their initial thoughts on the schedule being released. Tyler Polumbus explains how his first reaction was the teams early home games in a row and the late road games all in a row. Zach Bye then gives some of his early reaction and his first thoughts when he saw the schedule came out last night.

The guys for the rest of the hour react to some of the toughest games on the Broncos schedule this next season. Tyler Polumbus talks about the toughest games on the Broncos schedule this next season outside of the New England game. Zach Bye also goes into his toughest game of the year and why it’ll be a huge point in the Broncos season for their playoff hopes in 2017. Zach Bye explains why that’s his biggest game and why it might even be tougher than the Patriots game.

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Zach Bye and Tyler Polumbus look at how the NFL determines each teams schedule. The guys explain how the NFL determined the Broncos schedule this year and why their schedule is a tough one. Zach Bye discusses why a strength of schedule shouldn’t discourage anyone from the season that’s ahead. Tyler Polumbus agrees and talks about why teams have to perform well each week in the NFL or you’ll lose. The fellas toss that back and forth and talk about the reality of having to play good week to week in the NFL no matter the opponent.

Our Fan Broncos Insider Cecil Lammey joined Zach Bye and Tyler Polumbus. Cecil talks about the Broncos schedule being released last night. Cecil goes into the games he has circled on the Broncos schedule this season. Cecil also goes into the NFL Draft next week. Cecil talks about some of the latest mock drafts and where he sees the Broncos going right now. Listen to the full interview here!

Listen to hour three here!

Hour three Zach Bye and Tyler Polumbus talk about the importance for off-season workouts. Tyler Polumbus shares some stories from his career and how off-season workouts help his teams. Tyler Polumbus goes step by step and walks everyone through what off-season workouts are about and just how they exactly help teams. Tyler Polumbus then goes through other preparation that players must use in order to get ready for the season. Zach Bye then reacts to some of those stories and asks Tyler about the hardest working player that he’s ever been around.

For the rest of the final hour the guys look a little more at the Broncos quarterback situation. The fellas look at Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian and when the quarterback battle could play out. Zach Bye and Tyler Polumbus also predict who will take first team snaps with the Broncos this Summer in camp at quarterback.