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Sippin’ on Juice in Jail: The Drive 4/19/17

Credit: © The Boston Globe-Pool Photo

Wednesday April 19th, 2017

The Drive with Big Al & DMac LIVE in studio! Big Al remembers jumping in the crowd after beating the Steelers, and Raj Sharan says he has the footage. The Patriots make a visit to the White House to receive recognition for their Super Bowl 51 win, and Earl Boykins joins the show to talk about David Fizdale’s money well spent & bringing light to bad NBA officiating.



Aaron Hernandez is found dead in his cell after being acquitted in a 2012 double-murder case just last week. He was serving a life sentence for a murder in 2013. Big Al remembers some of his biggest plays when he played football and how special beating the Pittsburgh Steelers was for him. DMac is astonished at the timing of Hernandez’ death, and says nobody is a saint in this story. There must be something else to the story, DMac tells Al, as the Patriots also visit the White house on the same day to be recognized for their Super Bowl 51 victory. Also, Earl Boykins joins the show to say if Tom Brady didn’t make it to see Obama, it’s okay if he skips out on visiting Trump, and watch out for his sleeper team the Milwaukee Bucks.



Phil Simms will join The NFL Today crew as a studio analyst for the ’17 season, and the guys debate how many prime-time games the Broncos will land when the NFL schedule is released tomorrow. Big Al & DMac hear from T.J. Ward & Darian Stewart at U.C. Health Training Center and Big Al says Ward plays like a captain, and Stewart is a good leader. DMac gets to ask T.J. if he would enjoy being named a captain again, and the guys try to get happy again after Aaron Hernandez is found dead in his cell. Also, Big Al gives his draft predictions for some of the dark-horse prospects on offensive line.



Dunn, Holland, Ottavino and the Rockies lock-down bullpen have DMac excited as the MLB season heats up & the Rockies hang on to one of the best records in the majors. Big Al says when he walks into a room, NBA basketball is on the T.V. and needs help getting his son’s tire changed. The Chicago Bulls continue to trend up after another monster win in Boston, and DMac wonders if there’s anything Gronk can’t do. Also, DMac lists all the Pats that were not at the White House and Big Sexy forces the guys to pick the Rockies against Kershaw: Part Deux.


© The Boston Globe-Pool Photo