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Curious to Play with Peyton & John: The Drive 4/17/17

Credit: © Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Monday April 17th, 2017

The Drive with Big Al & DMac LIVE in studio! Emmanuel Sanders & Chris Harris spoke with the media today at Dove Valley, and Garett Bolles is set to meet with the Broncos this week in hopes of being selected in the NFL draft. The Rockies lead the majors in wins for a day, and Cecil Lammey joins the show to update the guys on who’s holding out & who’s getting signed as the NFL draft approaches.



Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones says he’s done with a particular reporter after being questioned in the locker room. Big Al asks DMac if he’d still ask a player certain questions even after being advised not to, and the guys agree Patrick Smyth is one of the best in the business at preparing players for the tough questions. Public relations are under a microscope after things get personal in a hurry with Pac-Man.



Cecil Lammey joins the show to defend Emmanuel Sanders as DMac asks if anyone would have been out of line questioning Sanders about his missed practice & excused absence. Cecil says DMac is the only one that would have asked Emmanuel about that, and the guys hear some audio from Sanders on who is the rightful leader of the Broncos offense between he and Demaryius Thomas. Cecil says the one guy on the Broncos roster who is truly unstoppable when they’re in their element is DT. Listen to the interview HERE! Also, the difference in the dates & planning of Paxton’s summer passing camp with Broncos receivers compared to the timing of Peyton Manning & Mark Sanchez’ camps in years prior.



What Big Al would do if Reuben Foster was sitting there at No. 15 overall, and why Vance Joseph needs juice in the Broncos offense. DMac agrees with Al what we need on offense is explosive weapons, and the guys throw out athletes with name recognition in the NFL draft. Al brings up Deshaun Watson, and DMac notes he didn’t hear Joseph mention QB when listing Broncos offseason needs. Al says all this leads to screams of Joe Mixon’s name in play for Denver in the second round, and DMac highlights the way the Broncos do things from a P.R. standpoint that keep young troubled athletes in check.


© Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports