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Who’s the real Trevor Siemian?: Brandon Stokley

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Stokley – 03/20/2017 – Cecil Lammey sitting in alongside Brandon Stokley live in studio. Monday’s show the guys talk about Trevor Siemian, how John Ross would fit into the Broncos offense if he’s draft by Denver and the ongoing NCAA Basketball Tournament. Former Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus joined the show.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley talk about Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian. The guys look at Siemian’s first year as a starter and grade how he did for the Broncos. The fellas debate who the real Trevor Siemian is. Brandon Stokley explains why he feels that Siemian can get better in his second year as a starter. Brandon Stokley also discusses why he still doesn’t want the Broncos to add Tony Romo.

Former Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus joined Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley. Tyler first talks about who the real Trevor Siemian is after seeing him play for mostly only one season. Tyler then breaks down where the Broncos need to go at number 20 overall with their first round pick this year. Tyler also explains why Christian McCaffrey seems like more of a long shot right now for the Broncos in the first round draft. Tyler goes into some offensive line prospects that the Broncos could look to draft this year. Tyler weighs in on that and talks about some other topics for the Broncos heading into the draft. Listen to the full interview here!

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley talk more about Trevor Siemian as a quarterback and who he really is. Brandon Stokley gives more of his thoughts and opinions on why he likes Trevor Siemian as a quarterback still. Brandon Stokley goes through the rest of the Broncos offense and why whoever is at quarterback needs more help going into the next season. Brandon Stokley also weighs in on which position group he would prefer to upgrade the most this off-season heading into the next season. Cecil Lammey gives some of his thoughts as well and why he’s surprised with why so many people like Trevor Siemian as the Broncos quarterback in 2017.

For the rest of the hour the guys talk about the NCAA Tournament and some of the upsets that went down over the weekend. The fellas also ask the question of should they start to reseed the tournament every year once it reaches the Sweet 16. Cecil Lammey and Tyler Polumbus talk about that and more!

Listen to hour three here!

Hour three Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley talk about if their should be changes to the NFL playoff format. Cecil Lammey throws out the suggestion of should the NFL adopt a bracket like playoff system. Brandon Stokley then explains why he wouldn’t want the NFL to change their current playoff system. Brandon Stokley discusses why the system is okay the way it is right now. Cecil then agrees and thinks the NCAA should change the way they do their basketball format though with reseeding everyone once the tournament reaches the Sweet 16. The guys break that down and more!

For the rest of hour three Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley look at which celebrities they would like to see breaking down the NFL on TV. Brandon Stokley throws out some suggestions to who they would want to see. Cecil Lammey also goes into some of who he would want to see on TV during games on Sundays or back in the studio.