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Will the Broncos trade for Romo?: Sandy Clough

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sandy Clough – 03/20/2017 – Sandy Clough live in studio. Monday’s show Sandy Clough talks about the NCAA Tournament, the Nuggets upcoming schedule and the latest with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Our Fan Broncos Insider Cecil Lammey joined the show.

Listen to hour one here!

Hour one Sandy Clough reacts to some of what happened over the weekend. Sandy Clough breaks down the NCAA Tournament and some of the games that took place on Saturday and Sunday. Sandy Clough looks at some of the upsets as a couple of number 2 teams in the tournament that were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. Sandy Clough discusses the Duke loss and why they weren’t able to get the job done this past weekend. Sandy Clough also looks at some teams that weren’t expected to move on to the next round. Sandy Clough then discusses the Nuggets upcoming schedule a little as well.

Sandy Clough talks about the Nuggets upcoming schedule and what it’ll take for them in order to make the playoffs down the stretch. Sandy Clough looks at that and goes a little into what type of opponents the Nuggets will be facing.

Sandy Clough then to finish the hour goes into some Broncos discussion. Sandy Clough touches on the latest with Tony Romo and when he might be traded or released from the Dallas Cowboys. Sandy Clough gets into that and more relating to the Broncos.

Listen to hour two here!

Hour two Sandy Clough talks about the Broncos and Texans quest to possibly get Tony Romo this off-season through either a trade or through signing him if he’s released by the Cowboys. Sandy Clough goes into whether or not the Broncos will end up deciding to trade for Tony Romo instead of waiting for him to be released. Sandy Clough looks at the positives an negatives if the Broncos were to decide to trade for Tony Romo. Sandy Clough also weighs in on why the Texans don’t make sense for Tony Romo. Sandy Clough breaks down why Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would rather see Romo go to the Broncos instead of a team in the same state or division as the Cowboys.

For the rest of the second hour Sandy Clough talks about the upcoming draft and why the Broncos need to hit on 7 or 8 of their draft picks this year. Sandy Clough discusses that and why this is a huge draft for the Denver Broncos and GM John Elway.