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Mike Klis: The Drive 3/16/17

Credit: © Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Klis joins the show to talk about Joe Mixon visiting Denver this week, and his incident that was caught on video. Klis says Joe Ellis sat down with Mixon, who knows what he did & is owning his actions. Klis mentions Tyreek Hill’s awful situation, and how he still helped KC win a few games. Klis says Mixon might even be a first-round pick, and Al says he almost had dinner with Mixon last night. King Dunlap has been cleared, and Al asks Klis if he would be worth taking a look at. Klis says the Broncos still need a tackle, and the move would make sense. Also, Klis reminds the guys nothing will happen with Tony Romo as long as he’s a Cowboy.



© Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports