The importance of drafting an immediate impact player: Brandon Stokley

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Brandon Stokley – 02/15/2017 – Cecil Lammey sitting in with Brandon Stokley live in studio. Wednesday’s show the guys talk about NFL free agency, the NFL Draft and possible franchise tagged players in the NFL.

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Hour one Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley talk about recent comments from Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman about Patriots back up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley discuss those comments and what type of quarterback he can turn into. Brandon Stokley goes into what he would give up in a trade in order to get a player like Jimmy Garoppolo. Brandon Stokley also breaks down which type of teams would even look into trading for Garoppolo. Cecil Lammey also weighs in with his thoughts and which teams he feels would be interested in a possible trade with the Patriots.

For the rest of the first hour the guys go into Kirk Cousins and if he would be worth it if a team like the Broncos was interested. Brandon Stokley first weighs in with his thoughts on why it’s not worth it for the Broncos or any other team to give Cousins a big contract. Cecil Lammey debates that and explains while he understands the money aspect that a quarterback like Kirk Cousins would be worth it for most teams with a quarterback need.

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Hour two Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley talk about the importance for the Broncos to draft an immediate impact in the first round of this years NFL Draft. Brandon Stokley breaks down why the Broncos need to really draft an impact player this year in order to immediately help the Broncos this season. Brandon Stokley goes through the short list of players that could have that type of impact. Brandon Stokley then actually narrows it down to the one player that he would like see as the impact pick for the Broncos this year. Cecil Lammey then weighs in with his thoughts and gives a surprise pick to be the impact player drafted this year by the Denver Broncos.

Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley go into all the Broncos draft picks this season. Is it a good thing that the Broncos have so many draft picks this year? Cecil Lammey explains the importance of so many draft picks in today’s NFL game. Brandon Stokley stresses the importance of it as well and where they might go with the picks.

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Hour three Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley talk about the upcoming NFL Combine. Brandon Stokley goes into his own stories from the NFL Combine. Brandon Stokley explains why it was so stressful for him as a player in the combine and how the doctors really check out players health. Brandon Stokley then breaks down the interview process that goes on during NFL Combine week and if he got any weird or crazy questions from NFL teams. Brandon Stokley finally talks about the testing process for prospects and what actually doing drills in the combine was like. Cecil Lammey gives his thoughts what means the most to him during NFL Combine week.

For the final part of the final hour Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley debate whether or not other sports could benefit from the franchise tag that the NFL has. The guys go over the pros first of what the franchise tag brings to the league. The fellas then also weigh in on the cons of the franchise tag in the NFL. Cecil Lammey and Brandon Stokley go over all the other leagues as well.


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